Support Tab Groups in Chrome (Beta)

Corey Davis 3 years ago updated by Qwerty Qwerty 4 months ago 3

Microsoft has rolled out Tab Groups in the latest beta of Chrome. Any chance TO will support them soon?


Chrome tab groups are now a production feature and can be very useful, but when restoring tabs from Tabs Outliner, it does not remember and preserve tab groups. It would be great if this could be supported.

I was here to post this, but it's already here, so I'm support it. I don't know if this was a one off, but I don't wanna retry it: Reopening a window that had tab groups, as a test, chrome fully hung, until I opened task manager, 'cause, you know, for some reason, windows starts working again, when you do that. 


Reopening a window with tab groups results in the following.

1) Before closing
2) After reopening

Image 184

This is a very important feature for me.