Open chrome directly to TO window

MrJAZ 10 years ago updated by vladyslav volovyk 10 years ago 8

Is there any way to open TO directly when starting Chrome?

Today i released a new version with an option to open TO automatically on startup.

it must be v0.4.40 

You version might not be updated yet.

You can update faster if you go to


Check the Developer mode checkbox

and press the Update Extensions Now button

This option to autostart  is off by default, must be activated.

Is there a way to give you a rating without having to sign up with Google+?  I am not allowed to do this through my work account, and I am actually not that keen on joining.

But I want to give you a 5 rating.

Maybe it is not possible.

But you can send a email to some friend and along with recommending useful program ask him to put a rate for you ; )

Anyway, thanks for this response, such things really encourage : )

OK.  I bit the bullet and set up a Google+ account to leave some feedback.  The one starting...

                   I'd give this 6 stars if I could...

Thanks for this extension.  It rocks.

Thank you : )

That's really needed, because as you can see in recent reviews list,  every week or two there is somebody who set 1 or 2 stars just because of bad mood, sometimes even without any comment. And then, to return to the previous average mark need 15 - 20 new 5 stars rates. 

That is really hard to be in the top rated list (and this give new users). Actually TO is not in this list meantime, but very close.

Best regards.

You are most welcome.  

I read a few of the poor reviews, and some are really strange - just because the extension misses some specialised feature they want, they it give a poor rating.  As you say, perhaps they are having a bad day.  I imagine it must be extremely frustrating.  I would rate something down if it didn't do what it says it does or was unstable.

Having said that, I am keen on a solution for a 'permanent save' feature, as requested in: http://tabsoutliner.userecho.com/topic/146947-pinning-a-window-in-to/.  Happy to wait though.

Many 1-2-3 star rates come from old firefox users who expect for restored windows to restore own back button history.

Not sure why, as such history is useless as for me, because it is invisible anyway and if some need to leave the starting page and keep the track it is easy to just open a next tab without closing the previous. But seems exist some way to work with browser which is hugely depends on this Back history feature.

Unfortunately in Chrome it is just impossible to restore this Back button history. And no extension there is allow it. 

And yes, that is unbelievable frustrating to obtain bad rates. To the point of physical pain. But slowly (with any new one : ) i learn to ignore this.


Actually for a long time i was motivated a lot by the fact i was atop of some other extension i use for many years myself (Session Buddy) before starting to write TO, as i tired to wait from the author to implement all the needed features, like ability to rearrange saved sessions and so on. And this is actually why i ask for rates, some sort of game, as really not sure how much this rates affect anything (but it is affect). 

But as rate slowly go down, without any chance to recover (for Session Buddy also, but it's manage to collect 4000 rates til there was possibility to give rate without G+ profile, and so for him this process is much much slower), it's time to find other stimulus...

Best regards, and thanks for rate, and yes, pinning the tabs without any notes will be there soon. But meantime i want to add the keyboard...

Wow.  If only my wishes were always fulfilled so quickly.  ;-).  Thank you.  This is working well for me.