how to restore previous Tabs Outliner session?

Alice Kitten 2 years ago 0

just started using tabs outliner. Chrome just crashed suddenly. Then I opened a new chrome browser window & opened the tabs outliner extension. I thought it was supposed to have saved all of the tabs that were open AND the ones that were closed and saved in the last browser session? that wasn't the case. it just showed that i had the one page open(the main google chrome home page -- which is what i opened post-crash to attempt to restore browser session from tabs outliner extension). 

the TO instructions advise users to NOT select chrome's "restore previous session" pop-up to avoid getting duplicates of pages....But I had to select chrome's "restore from previous session" in order to even get access to the tabs that were open prior to the crash! but of course that did not load all of the tabs that I allegedly "saved" and closed by pressing the green "x". These are now apparently gone forever. 

Is there a way to see all of your past browsing sessions after a crash? obviously the crash was unexpected so i did not "save and clos" all of the tabs, since i was working with some at the time. when i restored all tabs via chrome's pop-up window, in TO it doesn't even show the ordering and labelling that i spent so much time organizing beforehand.