Would it be possible the save the Tabs Outliner's window's position in the list?

FichteFoll 12 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door vladyslav volovyk 12 jaar geleden 3

As the title suggests I like the idea of having the Tabs Outliner window at the very top of my window list and having it remain there even when I reopen Chrome (which happens quite a lot). You can only have one instance of the TO popup window anyway and you can't open another tab in that window (a new window is created as a parent instead), why not just save it? I'm pretty confident that this is possible.

Actually better solution is to not to show Tabs Outliner window at all in the tree.... But there is more important tasks meantime.

I would be fine with this, does not make any sense to activate the TO window via TO anyway.


I add this as separate idea - not to show TO window - please vote on it.