Tabs do not open in Chrome when I double click on a node in the T.O. tree of saved windows/sites

PhoneJill 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 7

Opening tabs from the tree is the primary functionality of Tabs Outliner (T.O.) - and it doesn't work now. I have used T.O. successfully for many years on both a Windows PC and now a Mac. In the last few days, for some nodes, there is no response when I double-click on a saved window (or group) in the TO pane. I rebooted and now NONE of the nodes will open tabs. Please troubleshoot!

I have paid for T.O. though that account is not active on this computer/browser/profile. I'm using:

MacOS: v12.4

Chrome is up to date: Version 102.0.5005.115 (Official Build) (arm64)

Same on Windows11/Chrome Version 102.0.5005.115 (Official Build) (64-bit) (started today). 

Looking in DevTools, all old windows have an id of "savedwin" and all old tabs have an id of "savedtabundefined"... new windows/tabs have ids like "savedwin201", "win247", "savedtab641", or "tab248". Giving the tabs/windows numbers doesn't fix the problem. This might be a red herring since really old backups have the same behavior, but it is the only difference I see between nodes that can no longer be restored and nodes that cannot. 

I started noticing this recently for some nodes. As a workaround, I select the node, press Ctrl+C, paste into the URL bar, and edit accordingly.

Mine mysteriously started working fine again today 

Mac-Chrome: Version 102.0.5005.115 (Official Build) (arm64)

I don't believe anything changed, other than I put the computer to sleep for a few days.

@Sridhar thanks for workaround but keyboard shortcuts don't work in the free version (and my paid version is in another google account :(  )

I just checked and mine started working again... how odd. (I had used Ctrl + Click and Shift + Click as a work-around)

I also didn't change anything except to leave the computer in sleep mode for a few days. 

Having this issue again today after an operating system update on my Mac. Have rebooted several times to no avail. Opened Chrome Extensions and turned this TO extension off and then back on- that doesn't help.

What I noticed that may be key to troubleshooting (and I believe is mentioned by someone else in a similar thread): When I create NEW Windows and tabs those work as expected - they can be closed and re-opened in the TO window by double-clicking on one.

All my hundreds of "old" tabs/nodes in the TO tree (from this morning's session) can NOT be opened by double-clicking on them. 

HTH to correct this super-annoying problem.

I was just about to re-purchase TO for my Google Account at work when this started. :(

UPDATE to yesterday's experience because it started working again. 

Here are the exact order of events, in case it's somehow related to the attachments of additional peripheral devices / monitors (e.g., second screen issue mentioned earlier):

  1. TO was working while using laptop (Mac) docked (connected to a hub that connects to a monitor, etc.)
  2. TO was working while using laptop DISconnected from any peripherals
  3. Applied system update and restarted laptop (multiple times) - after which TO would NOT work as usual - no windows opened (even 'out of view') when a node was double-clicked.
  4. Put laptop to Sleep
  5. Connected laptop to dock again & woke up from sleep - Works as usual!