Is this maclicious software?

Journey 2 роки тому 0

Is this malicious software or is it just poorly coded? I really want to like this project, but the skyrocketing % of CPU, Memory & Disk Space is quite alarming. There's no reason on Gods green earth that I should have to overclock this PC to use a simple tab management system. My PC averages 10% CPU, 20% Memory, & 35% Disk Space, but as soon as I opened this program after downloading it my stats jumped up & have maintained the increased to 60%, 80%,100%. If this is not intended to be hazardous to the public- feel free to reach out to me if you'd like some help getting this project sorted out & any other bug/feature requests. I'm going to proceed with removing this from my device until I hear back from you, Mister Developer. Cheers and I hope that you and you and your loved ones have remained safe throughout this historic travesty to your country.