Link Map, an open source alternative for Tabs Outliner, supporting import from Tabs Outliner

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I have the same problem like other users.

so I build an alternative, because I have been struggled for a long time.

It's Link Map, and open source on Github, supporting import from Tabs Outliner.

It's available on:

Chrome Web Store

Edge Web Store

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It's free. Tabs Outliner did a good job to dealing with tabs management.

And I think someone should make this solution better.


Wow, a modern replacement for Tabs Outliner! Tab Fern comes close, but has a tendency to crash the browser.

Please continue to keep this working for all Chromium-based browsers. For years I have felt chained to Chrome because TO is so essential and doesn't work fully on other browsers.

I'll post my other comments/requests on your GitHub. Well done!

This is a great start to replacing TO. I moved to Brave (from Chrome) and was able to continue using TO but not as a paid user. Even though Link Map doesn't support Brave (yet?) I've found a way of getting all my TO links into the Brave installation of Link Map. 

Also, Garin, please provide more instructions. Keep up the good work!!!