restore name of named windows

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When I end a session, using the close button in TO, It saves all the open windows and closes them as it should do. I name my windows in TO for ease of use, but, I also name the windows by "renaming" them in Chrome, to make them easier to find when minimised. 
So for example, I have a window for my Home control, which I name "home control" in both TO and the browser.

Whilst TO restores the window (or a tab from the window), the names of the windows are not retained/reinstated. This is not the case when I close down without saving the windows (crashed) the window names are retained. As I normally have 8 or more "go to" windows, plus whatever else I am working on, this is more than inconvenient

So for my Home Control window, the beauty of naming them is that it doesn't matter which tab is active, hovering over the icon on the taskbar shows "Home control" rather than the name of the active tab in the window. 

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