'Pinning' a window in TO

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Have you considered adding functionality to 'pin' windows or tabs in TO?  In other words, the window would remain in the TO tree, until trashed.  This would do some of the job of a session manager, with less messing about.

In detail:  A window (or tab?) is 'pinned'.  It remains in the TO tree until trashed, even if it is not saved in TO and is closed in chrome.  The green cross would still unload the window/tabs as now.  If it is not pinned, it acts as it does now.

My preference would be that if the window is pinned, and when closed (either in TO or chrome), the tabs currently inside it are all saved.

In the UI, it could be handled as a pin, next to the green cross perhaps.

Something similar is planned.

tabs can be pinned in this way already. A note will "pin" them this way as you describe. Mainly always it is anyway worth to note why the tab is there and not closed/delete forever.

But the idea to make this available for windows is interesting maybe... Yet not very consistent. We not always close windows with all the tabs, half the time we close it by closing the tabs inside, in course, to check them one last time.

Thank for the reply.

I have not used notes.

My thinking around being able to pin windows is based on how I currently use chrome and TO.  When researching something, I will have a window with all the relevant tabs inside it.  So each window covers a 'topic'.  I name that window in TO, and effectively use TO to manage that 'session'.  When going on to something else, I will close the whole window, but will want to bring it back at a later date just as it was.  

My suggestion is really just a quicker and safer way to ensure the window is not lost.  I understand this is effectively achieved by going to the TO window, collapsing the working window in the TO tree, and pressing the green cross.  My suggestion would allow the window 'session' to be saved by a single click (closing the window in chrome).  

The suggestion also heads TO towards being a bookmark replacement for me...

> I will close the whole window, but will want to bring it back at a later date just as it was.  

Maybe you already know this, but just in case.

  1. Not need to collapse window before save-close - green cross pressed on window will save its tabs even if it is not collapsed. Of course if you want to save many window under some group then yes, need collapse first.
  2. You can Alt-drag&drop the window to some other place, or some hierarchy with windows and nodes inside - this will create a saved copy of this window and all the tabs
Of course all of this is not replace the feature you propose. It is planed, but cannot promise anything specific about the release date.

1.  I didn't pick up on that.  Assumed collapsing was needed for windows as well as groups.

2.  Had forgotten about that.

Thanks for the information and for considering the suggestion.