typo: Add Separator "belove"

cm chiu 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 4

In the right-click menu on the Tab Outliner window, under Notes, I believe the line that says Add Separator belove should read Add Separator below.


This type is already 2 weeks as fixed, along with some important fixes. Please check the version of your extension, it must be 1.4.130, if not - then you have a problem with Chrome autoupdate.

I'm on 1.4.130. Tried restarting chrome, but still see the typo. Anyway, not a big deal. Thanks!

It's actually a big problem if you version is 1.4.130 and you still see this typo.... thanks for reporting this, i will investigate how this is possible, maybe some chrome cashes issue, but if this true than maybe many other users still cannot get required bug fixes.

How exactly you restarted Chrome? Closing all windows is not enough, need explicitly click the Exit menu item in Chrome menu to perform complete restart.

I see this issue on both my Windows 7 and Linux Mint btw. Clean restart.

On Windows 7, I clicked Exit on Chrome's menu, then used Windows Task Manager to make sure there was no more chrome.exe running, and then started Chrome again from Start menu.

On Linux Mint, I clicked Exit on Chrome's menu, then used "htop", filter by the word "chrome" and killed off all those remaining chrome background processes, quit htop, and then started Chrome again from Linux Mint's Start menu.

TO v.1.4.130 was reported from TO's "About" window, and verified from Chrome's extension list (chrome://extensions/).