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BIG Problems with the 1.4.122 Update (October 28, 2015)

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Thank you for updating Tabs Outliner.
However, you have created HUGE problems for me. You suddenly and unannounced disabled many features which I rely on. Especially the features related to importing and exporting (and copy and pasting) data. Critical features for anyone who has been attempting to workaround Tabs Outliner's limitations while we awaited development progress from you.
And then, as far as I can tell, the only way for me to get these features back is through a payment mechanism that I don't use. I use Chromium (not Chrome) because I choose not to submit my personal information to my web browser. And it seems like the only way to pay you to get the features back that I need requires me to make a personal profile in Chromium. I do not want to do this.
On top of it all, I am TWO days away from traveling overseas and in the midst of finalizing the build of a light-weight laptop that I can do work with while I am overseas. And now you have created a HUGE obstacle to me transferring my Tabs Outliner data to my travel computer!
Tabs Outliner is the centerpiece of my information management strategy. All of my notes for many many months are now completely locked up in Tabs Outliner on the verge of a big trip. I can no longer manually transfer this data between computers.
I have advocated for you to get monetarily compensated in the past and I myself would be more than willing to do so. AND you need to be more communicative in advance with the people that depend on the software you provide. Otherwise they can not depend on your software and will need to choose other solutions.
What do I do now?


Under review

Actually the update does not disable anything that was there for free. Actually it even adds more useful and free features,.... Maybe some problem arises unintentionally, but to say "many features"... HUGE problems...
Please tell us what MANY features are being disabled for you.

It would seem that I am jumping to false conclusions. I am sorry.

The first thing I noticed after the update was when I right-clicked in the Tabs Outliner window I did not see the "Save As..." option. This is something that I use regularly to move nodes between computers.

And then I saw this message at the top of the screen:

"Context menu, clipboard operations and keyboard shortcuts are not working in the Free Mode. To enable them you need to Upgrade to the Paid Mode.Below is a preview of what will be available after the Upgrade."

Based on the above message I assumed that the options listed below the message were disabled. I just tried to type Ctrl-S and I was able to save all my nodes as an HTML file. That is a relief. Sorry for the false alarm on that point.

How is the above referenced message that says, "Context menu, clipboard operations and keyboard shortcuts are not working" meant to be interpreted? Because it sounds to me like the features referenced by the message are non-functional.

Anyway, I am super glad to see that the development of Tabs Outliner is continuing! Is there a way for me to send you money without creating a Chromium-based profile?

I will post information about any issues I encounter with the new version.

Again, please accept my sincere apology for jumping to false conclusions. As I look more closely it does appear (as you mentioned) that there are some addition features included in this new version. Thank you!



I think you should consider deleting this thread since the title states something incorrect about Tabs Outliner and I wouldn't want anyone who doesn't read this thread to think that there are "BIG Problems" with Tabs Outliner.

Also, you can go directly to native Chrome context menu (with Save as.. item and so on) by right-click with Cntrl pressed (as this is mentioned in a context menu by the way).


I am really recommended to try set up a Google account for Chrome sign in, for example using not your main email, but some other, specifically for that purpose. You then can disable all synchronization features when you SignIn to chrome, using this email, so no your bookmarks or passwords will ever be transferred to Google servers (they anyway transferred in an encrypted form, and cannot be accessed by Google if you configured so, but, just in case you are not comfortable with this idea you can just disable all types of synchronizations altogether)

So, this way you will be able as support the development by buying a paid mode key, or, if you decide not to do so, anyway, the Backup tab in Options have more handy and more robust way to export and import data using text files (and this export everything, including content of collapsed nodes, wich is not exported by Ctrl-S export), and it's work in free mode, manual backup to Google Drive account also works and is possible only if Chrome is signed in, as it depends on its autorization infrastructure for this.

Best Regards

PS And many thanks for your supplement to the initial post.


I want to give you money, and I am completely unwilling to create even a fake google account.

I very much dislike that Google, IMHO, violates people's privacy non-consensually. And I don't want to validate that business model by participating in it in any way, even anonymously.

What is your bitcoin address?

Thanks again for creating Tabs Outliner.

-- david