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Opening closed tabs through TO causes all websites in that group to duplicate, opening 2 of each.

Cherie Avery 8 years ago updated by vladyslav volovyk 8 years ago 1
I have several windows in my TO. Two of them are duplicating all the tabs in them when I double click to open the window so i get 2 tabs of every site. I've tried manually opening a new window, re-opening each url, and saving it in TO. But it still opens 2 of every tab. But I have other windows that don't do this. Any suggestions or thoughts to try?
Under review
This is the result of the "Continue Where Leave off" option enabled in the Chrome settings. Tabs Outliner currently conflict with it. The solution is or disable it or open some empty Chrome window (so it will get all the tabs from a previous session) before reopening any windows with tabs from Tabs Outliner - if this is a first regular window (tabs outliner window is not considered "regular") .