Allow TO user to "lock" selected URLs

Hans BKK 11 years ago updated by Odoo Concept 5 years ago 8

The docs are right, once you get used to the paradigm TO's a great tool. I'm finding one thing very frustrating that may well be my fault, I can't believe Vladyslav doesn't have the same need it seems so basic. With a "normal bookmark", it doesn't change in normal use, you have to go back to the "manage bookmarks" function in order to update it a new location/parameters whatever. But with TO the placeholders are "live" and when I click around and change the app in that tab, I lose the original pointer.

This is of course great - some sessions are a "work in progress" so when I restore and then continue navigating, I want the saved tabs to be kept up to date with the live session. 

However other pages ("sticky"? "locked"?) are just starting points, say to a particular viewport/zoom level on a googleMap, and I want the "bookmark" back in TO to keep that particular URL as static, NOT keep updating as I click around in that tab.

My current workaround is to (try to remember to) use Chrome's "Duplicate" tab function and then quickly close/save the TO tab, and do all my navigating in a "temporary/scratch/working" copy tab, then closing it from the browser knowing the original "bookmark" is back in TO.

I would suggest a little "lock/unlock" icon, defaulting to unlocked which means "leave this URL unchanged" no matter what is done after launching it in the browser.

This would also function as a "don't lose this if I close the window from the browser" button - right now I'm putting nothing-but-an-x notes below hundreds of saved tabs because I'm constantly forgetting to save/close from the TO panel, very kludgey workaround.

This is a tremendous application Vladyslav, just some minor suggestions, overall THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


You outline there many things that will obtain some additional solutions in future releases (at list i hope so). But meantime i will list some of the current workarounds.

Putting hundreds of "#" notes to prevent some tabs to gone is of course bad idea.  And not how they are expected to be used.

The best solution is simple to give it some more time, this problem will gone with time as you habits will change more : ), i have something similar myself...

But some other workarounds exist:

  • Alt - drag&drop hierarchy (drag&drop with Alt pressed) to create a saved copy of any hierarchy. Or just to create a saved copy of any tab or window.
  • If something is a usual starting point consider to use the standard Chrome bookmarks for this. That's actually what they invented for. Note that you can bookmark many tabs at once, and open all of them in one click (Ctrl-click, or middle click must be used). if they all contains in one bookmark folder.
  • Alternatively, if something is only a starting point and you don't want to restore a tab in place (in TO) you can do Shift-click (on the saved tab) to open duplicate in new window, and then Ctrl-click to open all next tabs in this newly created window. This way original hierarchy will not be affected.
  • If you unintentionally close some Chrome window or tab note that Chrome has built in "restore last closed tab\window" feature.

That's all of course not some ultimate solution for mention by you problems, but at list something.

And thank you for you thanks and feedback : )


Thanks for the Alt/Shift/Ctrl comboclick tips, very useful, and of course software programs the user as much if not more than the other way around, many workarounds do work just fine.

I've haven't used standard in-browser bookmarks for decades now, been a delicious users since that started up, but unfortunately none of the Chrome extensions have matched the classic Firefox one, that's one of the few areas where I need to still use FF. You can see therefore why I don't want yet a third repository for my bookmarking, and even though it isn't strictly necessary for TO to be very very useful, I will continue to advocate for - if not my specific suggestion - then a way for TO to have functionality that will allow for "something like the way native Chrome bookmarks work".

Obviously the sync'ing functionality would be required in order for that to make sense, and I'd personally also give that a higher priority, but do please consider an enhancement like this in the future.

And thanks once more for a great tool

Maybe you can start a separate feature request and describe what exactly you want and how you want it to work. I am not sure i understand it all very well. 

Storing TO tree in Chrome bookmarks technically is very unpractical  It will not be done - it's for sure. Yet there will be other way to store the tree in the Cloud.


Do you mean here on userecho? It would just have the same title but if you like OK, but in the meantime here's a quick recap:

From the UI point of view:

Right now when you hover over a "tab node" you have icons - the trash can (close and true delete) and the X (close and save).

I am proposing a third "lock" icon, which would result in that tab being saved with a "frozen" URL, in effect becoming like a traditional static bookmark. From then on, the user would never have to worry about that URL being deleted or changed unless s/he does so explicitly within TO's UI.

Obviously there would be many other ways from a UI POV to accomplish the functional goal, and of course it's the latter that's important rather than the icon.


What follows isn't so important to the core idea outlined above:

This functionality could be available only on already-closed tab nodes, would perhaps make things simpler? Then when the user opens it up in future, OT could just open a new normal (free floating) tab node, something like this : http://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/open-pinnedtab-link

If it were available on a currently-open tab, then I'd recommend TO saving a (parent) copy of the open tab as locked, allowing the user to continue transparently within their (child) Chrome tab. This could be a bit like a "breadcrumb trail" of my navigation on a topic, saving "snapshot" tab nodes as I go along, with the sequence of the trail apparent from the outline hierarchy.


Going off on a bit of a tangent, another annoyance for me is the fact that the "title" of the tab node is "hard coded" to be that delivered to the browser in the HTML title data. If I want to indicate what a tab node actually is, I have to attach a note node below it, where I'd like to be able to just edit the node's text directly, using the pencil icon as is now available for note, window, group and gDoc nodes.

Just like your coming "change color" etc changes, this should also have the side effect of preserving the tab node from disappearing if the user closes the tab from Chrome.

However if you considered this a good idea, then perhaps you should consider using that as an alternative to the "lock icon" UI for the above discussed functionality, the idea being that if I go to the trouble to rename a node, I want to not only keep it from disappearing, I want to keep it **as is** and protect the URL from being changed.

Personally I think the color/font whatever changes I make to the node should have the same effect, can't imagine going to the trouble to edit the node in TO unless I wanted to "lock" it, otherwise that tab could (most likely would) just end up being some random page somewhere else next time I open it and navigate as usual, forces me to constantly be "TO aware" in my browsing, which need I see as one of the barriers to the great tool's wider acceptance.


I plan to introduce the features which will close all this mentioned annoyances. Yet thanks for you posting. Actually by reading all of this to my mind come some really useful changes to what i already plan as a solution of the problems you mention,

As for giving the ability to edit titles of tabs. I actually experiment with this, and found that it is actually not very practical or astonishingly needed, and actually pollute interface without big needs and add a lot to the learning curve - which is already steep and uncommon as for some extension (i am not need bunch of new "too complex"(3 stars) reviews). But functionality is there. Maybe i will allow to enable it in options. 

More serious problems is now have much bigger priorities. This is all nuances in compassion. 

So 4 years have passed, will this feature be implemented?
Many users struggle with lack of possibility to lock the url of a tab.
I'm a paid user for 2 years or more now, and I can definitely confirm this feature is a must-have.

Url lock icon for tabs is a must-have. I agree. Is it so difficult to do it?