Is there a way to turn off auto save?

ven Torrella 11 years ago updated by vladyslav volovyk 9 years ago 8

I can't seem to find it. I mean, I don't always reopen all previous tabs and I don't like to go through them every time I start chrome. Maybe put a "delete unopened tabs" button?

Can you problem be rewritten as next:

1. You have several open Chrome windows with tabs

2. You exit from Chrome by Exit menu item in some window

3. Next time you open Tabs Outliner its shows incorrectly detected as crashed windows, which was open at a moment of Chrome exit.


Well, to make it clear:

1. I exit chrome (by exit menu or close button, no crash) while there are still tabs open

2. the next time I start chrome, the tabs that were previously left open at the time I exited chrome still shows up on TO. (they're grayed out)

I'm not sure if TO sees them as crashed tabs but that may be the case.

TO sees them as crashed (and state that in titles of windows for such tabs), known problem.
This is because there is no easy and sure way to distinguish normal exit from crash (and sometimes normal exit is a result of unintentional system restart, for example because of some OS update)

This is known problem, and there is plans to fix this (i hope i will note diminish by this fix robustness and reliability through real crashes)

Meantime, only as workaround, I can only suggest closing all regular Chrome windows before TO window. So it will have time to detect that everything is really closed, not crashed. Because when all windows are finally closed TO is not able to save the state to disk anymore.

Yet i plan to fix this as soon as possible (donations will do a great deal in this...)

I see. Thank you.

One more easy workaround and option - simply ignore this "garbage" ; )
It is not harm, and can even serve as visual clues in you browsing workbook to remember what are you do last time or months ago : )

Yet as I say it was planed to fix already. Actualy even in high priority to fix.


I used to use Tabs Outliner ages ago and recall that every time I closed window with tabs there will be a crashed window in the TO which I actually liked. Now when I use it, I have to press the green cross which I don't like to have to remember every occasion that I close. I like the fact you have a log of you history like you mentioned.

Is there a way to turn this feature (although it was classed as a bug before) on or is there a work around I am unaware of that enables me to save sessions every time I press exit from Chrome. Maybe if I can install the old version of the extension from your back log which you could direct me to?

Thank you,
there is no meantime. But this is interesting case, i think i will add such option.
Older version will not solve this issue for you, as they had this feature/problem half the time (not very stable). In any way it's problematic to install older version.

Best Regards