Why if I close Chrome and reopen... all tabs that were open (regardless of where they are in the "notes" tree), open in a single window with completely flat heirarchy?

Mark Breitenbach 11 years ago updated by vladyslav volovyk 11 years ago 8

Thank you for this extension. It is definitely a long way towards what I want to see in organizing my browsing. I appreciate your effort.

Desired behavior:

Lately I've been using my tab tree to replace bookmarks. Since you can "hide" tabs, I have a few parts of the tree that I use all the time (say, for example "Work", "Admin" and "Research"), and everything else is collapsed down to top level.

Also, I don't use multiple windows. One window, all active tabs inside it. If I could hide the tab bar completely, I would. As such, I can't use what you call "Groups" to organize my tabs, since a "Group" is really a window. Instead, I'm using Notes. My heirarchy of notes is several layers deep, with all actual tabs being inside those notes.

If I understand your documentation correctly, anything inside a note should maintain a saved state, no matter what kind of crash or closing of Chrome occurs.

So why, then... if I close Chrome and reopen... all tabs that were open (regardless of where they are in the "notes" tree), open in a single window with completely flat heirarchy? The "notes window" is still there, with all tabs parked. I want it to open within the existing notes tree, with only the tabs I had open active again instead of creating a totally new window with completely flat heirarchy.

Finally, please don't respond with "well, I don't use it that way, so neither should you". If you expect people to donate to this, you have to realize that people are going to do things, try things and very likely break things in ways you didn't think of, and wouldn't ever do yourself. If you don't want to support your users... I'll go back to Sidewise.


First, I long ago do not expect my users do donate anything because they don't.

Second, do you use "Continue where i left off" option in Chrome?

Looks like this. It is why you obtain on restart a brand new window. It is created by Chrome, not by TO.

This extension meantime is not very compatible with this option.

Meantime the only advise i can give is to disable the "Continue where i left off" option (the same advise the author of Sidewise is given by the way) and open this your one big commented window from the TO.

... And the threatening in the end of your request was really superfluous. 


By the way. For users who use this with one big window scenario there is one secret feature - if this big window will be opened with Alt-DblClick it will reopen only the tabs which was open on last save, without the all the other saved tabs.

Also, if it is happens that you a programmer, to properly reassociate the new window created by "Continue Where I left Off" Chrome option with an old one saved in the last closed session, need solve this, really very easy and quick to implement issue in Chrome:


It will also helps many other extensions.

At least worth to star it to raise some more attention to it.


Also, the Group is not just a window. It's control how much will be restored, and restrict this. You can utilize it anyway for tabs that you don't want to restore every-time you reopen you one big window. It is handy anyway as this way you will not lose their surrounding.

Yet i am really not use the browser this way. Prefer big number of smaller windows. So maybe my advises will not be very useful. I think there is really enough tools which concentrate more on this one big window scenario (TooManyTabs, SessionBuddy, Sidewise - to name a few), and my focus is in some other niches and on some other users.

But this shortcoming you mention is really worth to deal with. It is not something that i don't want to work around or is irrelevant for multiwindows users. Yes, they tend to close the Browser completely much rarely, if at all, but the same issue catch them after everything is crashed - that is why i not recommend use the Chrome Restore after crash and to restore from TO - so if somebody will fix the Chromium issue i mention this will really benefit all of us, note that this issue have the comments from the author of the other very popular session saver. So many other extensions also will benefit from this.

Ah, that is a good point. It hadn't occurred to me that it might be Chrome opening the windows, and not not TO. I will try that. And I'm sorry if I got a bit snippy there. I had been at work for 18 hours and was pretty tired. I shouldn't have taken that out on you.

I will also try the Alt-dbl-click "feature". And yes, as it happens, I do have a degree as a programmer, and will take a look at the link you mention.

Also, I'm happy to donate if a product meets my needs. I'm still evaluating whether this does that or not. I *really* like having the much smaller profile that your extension offers. Its much cleaner than Sidewise. I will probably make a suggestion or two once I've gotten past the "new user" phase. Although it is taking me a bit to get used to having to dbl-click to get the effect I want... once I'm past that, I suspect it will be close to perfect.

Thank you for your attention.


dbl-click can be changed to one click in settings.

But the aim of this tool is slightly different than in Sidewise, basically i don't trying to replace the tab bar (i for example switch tabs most of the time using the standard one, despite TO is also always open for me), and the main aim is not to be the tabs manager at all, or even the organizer with some grand schema, but rather a some sort of Internet diary/notebook (much less polluted than the history), without some sort of central scheme, but rather with some local organized islands of data and notes. 

That is why dblclick... and many other decisions, unfortunately, the work is far from done to completely unleash the potential of this idea. Full keyboard support is needed for this and much better editing capabilities for notes and so on.

The donations is near zero, so do not bother to donate, this will not change anything. It's always very motivate, and i highly appreciate them, much more than the money they actually bring. But taking in account that unlikely you are the target user of this tool, does not use it as it's expected to be used, and, as so, will unlikely be very happy with it, I am really not very comfortable to accept them in this case even if you decide that this tool is worth it. That will create unneeded tension for both of us : )

Best Regards,


PS I am actually plan to implement some sort of workaround for this reassociations of reopened windows, but i cannot promise any date for this, as meantime there huge other more important tasks, as in this project as in some other my endeavors. The Chrome issues that i mention will make it actually 10 times more easy for me, it will be possible to done in a day, also it will positively affect many others works (including Sidewise), and fixing this on Chrome side is also must be a much easy task than invent awkward workarounds (it's actually way more complex than it is looks). So personally i also plan to fix/implement this in Chromium first, yet really have no time...