Add an icon to quickly send users to this page so they can post feedback/requests

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At the moment, to find this page you have to potentially go thru four hopes:

the Chrome store details tab > the support forum > see the message from you directing people to the feedback forum > and then see the link in the feedback forum to this page.

If you want to solicit feedback on this page (and I do think this userecho/getsatisfication style format is the best way to do this kind of thing), then you should make it as easy as possible for users to find their way here.



I decide that I prefer to "solicit feedback" on my email from about box ; )

By "solicit feedback on this page" I just mean that if you want users to come here (userecho) to post their questions/feature requests/etc, you should make it easy as possible for them to find this page (by including a "support" button or link that takes them here directly from the extension).

Have 2 active feedbackers and already start think that this is too much ; )

This place actually is more for pain points and bugs, not for questions/feature requests/advises/etc. But of course it is ok to post there ideas and so on, if they collect some votes from other users they might be implemented.

I don't want make it as easy as possible for my users to participate in some sort of collective management of me. If they really need something they will find a way to this place.

Maybe this is rude to say, but I have my own list of features and ideas, and it is years ahead long. What I really need is definitely not a more of cool ideas and advises. But time and money. This feed backs spend first and do nothing to help with second. (Also note that every minute i spent by working on this project or by reading cool but useless advises is a minute I not earn anything on my main job, and this is really so, when I start my main job i start a report tool, when I go to gym or to take a coffee I stop it, so time and money is same thing for me)

By the way, most other developers, or even complete firms, think same, yet they are more polite and maybe smarter to not say this publicly - nobody need some angry users. 


well, actually i think a little more about this and decide that maybe I am not very right. I am really not have time to adequately respond to all feedbacks, especially when there is some small bursts (as it is in case with every new active user there :), yet they are useful, even declined ones, as they allow to see the product from different points of view. So I think need put link to this place somewhere in documentation or in about box. Yet i don't whant to distract new users to some other tasks, like reading some forum... especially taking in account that this extension require some adaptation period to completely grasp it... need to think how to do it better.


Just like with any project where you aren't specifically working for someone else (in which case you do have to listen to their input ;), feedback forums like this aren't supposed to be a way to "manage your time" or "tell you what to do".

No one is aware of all use cases, all bugs, or all perspectives, and while some ideas you'll think are horrible (and will be), there is a good chance that some of them will be worthwhile, and if many people want a feature, there is a good chance that there is a use case that is worth considering (even if it doesn't apply 100% to you).

If anything, having a "public" forum like this should (in the end) save you more time, rather than take time away. Rather than sending you individual emails, people can come here, and over time, *most* suggestions or feature requests will appear here, and people can see if a) the feature request is "in progress/planned", or b) if it has been declined and what the reasoning is (and don't bother with asking again).

At first there will be a "burst" of suggestions like you noticed (especially from new users who may have specific uses cases others haven't had yet). But just like with every open source project, someone is "In charge" of the project (in this case you obviously), and their decision is final. If someone really, really wants something, they can patch the source themselves, but otherwise, this is your product and these are just suggestions.

"By the way, most other developers, or even complete firms, think same, yet they are more polite and maybe smarter to not say this publicly - nobody need some angry users."

I have to say I disagree with that for the record. It really comes down to *why* you are doing something. If you are making a tool *just* for yourself, and you don't care what others think, then that's fine, I throw things together for a need I have all the time... but then don't ask others what they think ;)

If you don't care what other people think, then don't ask them. People completely understand if you "don't have time" to implement something, but just because you don't have time to implement something, doesn't mean that there is any harm letting it be posted, and people vote on it just to have an awareness of what features are useful/desireable to the community of people using the tool.

*If* you ever have time to implement them (or someone else comes along who has the time/interest to implement them), then perfect. Otherwise, it at least means the idea is out there/publicly visible and people won't try to send you direct emails asking for it (and take up more of your time than is necessary).

The entire point of public feedback is to *save* you time (by preventing you from being flooded by similar requests), not to steal your time or tell you what to do. They are after all *suggestions/feedback* (not orders/demands). 

Just my two cents on the point/value of public feedback.

Well said Vittorio, its nice to see constructive yet candid feedback like this and in the main, I agree with your points. Do you also have oDesk profile or similar?

Vladyslav > actually i think a little more about this and decide that maybe I am not very right.

Kudos to Vladyslav for this, it takes strong character to reflect like this. What amazing software, developer and users! The future is very bright :)


I decide that I prefer to "solicit feedback" on my email from about box ; )

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