Fuzzy search for all entries in TO

dreign 9 years ago updated by Tomeg Tomeg 8 years ago 5

Using the mouse is very annoying and consumes much time. Please implement a fuzzy search with a hotkey, so that the user just needs to hit his hotkey, type a few characters and hit enter to navigate really fast through all entries in TO

I didn't know what fuzzy search was so I looked it up in Google. So it helps you find misspelled/related words? How do you enable it in TO? I'm using OS X and using a paid version of TO. Is this considered a fuzzy search?: http://imgur.com/aaTzJYY


Would be extremely helpful if the windows and tabs would be searchable through the omnibox.

I agree, but only under the condition that it DOES NOT do the processing on some server - every data must stay on my computer. This is of course because PRIVACY reasons

(and privacy is the main reason I use Tabs Outliner instead of all other tabs extensions - because Tabs Outliner stores everything on my computer, and I do not use Google Drive).