Add context menu for links to open links in "saved" state

Михаил Стрижов 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 6

Useful then googling. Open a lot of pages in "saved" state, and then open pages one by one.

How about open a lot of pages

Then save them all

Then open only needed in new window by Ctrl-click


Is this what you think about (not very well understand you request)?

You can open link in new window, then press "Save and close" button.

But easer if there is menu item "save link", which don't open new window/tab, but save link in TabsOutliner

Re read and seems now i understand, you ask about context menu for links to automaticaly open them in saved state

Take note that you actually can drag links to tree instead of this, they will be created in tree as saved.

I think it faster than goes trough context menu all the time

Context menu are easier to use, but thx, I did not notice this feature