Not list own Tabs Outliner's window in the tree

Alexander Dvinsky 9 years ago updated by MZ Guy 7 years ago 3
Currenly Tab Outliner's window is shown in the tree along with all other windows and tabs with a constant structure of "Window (popup)" and a single tab below it "Tabs Outliner".
It should probably be filtered out.
This would be no issue, really, if user could make custom rules, both permanent and flexible, on which nodes to show.

Then you could make permanent rule to hide TO tabs and windows, maybe don't show parent windows of popouts since there is only one tab anyways, and find all the things you wanted to do on that project, without scrolling


Agreed, Tabs Outliner should not show itself in the hierarchy. This should require custom rules, it should just not show itself, ever.

A possibly relevant issue, or bug....

When I use TO with my Chromebook, every new session generates another TO window in the tree. If I don't close them, they accumulate. I don't have this issue on my PC.