Only some restored tabs are pinned

MZ Guy 8 år siden opdateret af Brendan Weibrecht 11 måneder siden 10
I have several windows that I save and restore with each time I restart Chrome. One of these windows has several pinned tabs. When restoring, TO seems to restore all the tabs as pinned, except for the first in the window / list. The first tab in the window gets restored unpinned.
Note, I am using TO to save / restore, not the "restore on start" session manager in Chrome
Any comments on this?
Same problem here: First pinned tab is always restored as unpinned.

Google Chrome v41.0.2272.101, Tabs Outliner v0.4.81.

Instructions to reproduce bug:
  1. Open new window.
  2. Open tabs and pin them: gmail.com, facebook.com, youtube.com.
  3. Open google.com, leave it unpinned.
  4. In TO, safely close the window.
  5. Restore the window - gmail is restored as unpinned.
- Screenshot BEFORE windows is closed: http://i.imgur.com/WBoCBWz.png
- Screenshot AFTER window is restored by TO: http://i.imgur.com/LMxGtu2.png

Thank you.

This is still occurring.

+1 from here. That kinda makes my workflow much more complicated :(.


+1, I didn't notice the pattern - that first pinned tab becomes unpinned - but that's the case.


The Problem still exists. Can't the Creator do something against it?

I'm still seeing this problem as well.

Any update on this please, Vladyslav?

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