Sort tabs in windows --> dedupe tabs

Jeff Eddings 6 år siden opdateret af August Mohr 6 år siden 2

I create quite a few tabs in a window, and the list gets quite big. Sometimes I inadvertently create a tab that is the same as one in the list. I would love to be able to sort the tabs in a window so I can easily see duplicate tabs and remove them. Ideally I'd love an actual dedupe feature, but that sounds complicated and hard. :)

My use case would be to nominate multiple tabs, groups or hierarchies and to have them copied, sorted and de-duplicated into a fresh flat list/hierarchy.


Separate from de-duping, I would like to be able to sort tabs by name to help me organize.

I just saved about 70 tabs and there are numerous sub pages from the same site, etc. Being able to sort the list of tabs would be a big help. I'm sure that would have to be a paid feature and that's fine.


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