Filter Chrome apps/shortcuts with no tab capability

Steve Welham 1 month ago 0

As a user of Google Workspace/ G Suite I have numerous desktop applications which are really dedicated Chrome windows. These are unrelated to my workflow of using Chrome as a browser and having tabs grouped by window. I do not want these windows to show in Tabs Outliner, since they are not tabbed and have no tab capability and hamper my ability to organize my tabs across browser sessions.

To reproduce this try opening apps like Keep, Calendar, Drive, GMail within their own window - for some apps this follows the Progressive Web App (https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/9658361), for others it is just a shortcut (Menu > More Tools > Create shortcut).

At present, these windows manifest as "Window (pop-up)" in the Tabs Outliner tree and must be expanded to see their name. Probably this use case would be solved by the big "filter" feature (https://tabsoutliner.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/146-ability-to-filter-tabs-not-just-use-built-in-search) however that is such a wide ranging and powerful feature, it might also be useful to target a smaller and more specific use-case like this as a first step.