Your comments

I've been checking out your extension from time to time. And I still find it unusable for my purposes.

i would really consider paying for this feature!

Yes. the multiple select feature is available from the default chrome bar. But it's really mind boggling to have to switch focus from the tree to the Top Tab bar repeatedly.

It's crucial to be able to organise multiple entries in the tree fast. Closing them, putting them into a new folder etc.

These are the things that are pretty basic coming from Sidewise / Tree style tab; 90% core operations we use on a daily basis and I'm finding it broken on tab outliner.

I see that you added the tree structure link hierachy. Frankly that is something I can live without. But lack of multiple select is seriously a deal breaker.

That said, I really appreciate your effort in catering to this niche market. I know we tab addicts can be really demanding. :)

eg, from a google search tab, you open some links in a new tab.

These tabs should be children of the google search tab.

That's how it works in firefox.
So it creates a self-organising hierachy.