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Got it!

Yeah I guess, CTRL+something to activate/focus TO then start typing to filter and arrow keys + enter would be very nice indeed :)

And the close-save prev active window sounds good :)

I'm not sure if you maintain a tab focus stack/queue for the last n tabs, perhaps if you do, this could be used to focus/select/highlight the most recently focused tab (that wasn't TO)

Then its just a case of making the save-close?

vladyslav, i follow your first paragraph but not your second, can you clarify?

I will try Alexander's suggestion :)

From my perspective, its "nice to have", the less I have to take my hands off the keyboard, the better :) This is espcially true for users with a lot of screen real estate.

I was reading your reply on my phone and was like "ohhhh you didn't" and then scrolled down a bit and laughed hard!

If you would like to use a Google hangout to whiteboard the issues with restoration, I'd be happy to do that with you.

Well said Vittorio, its nice to see constructive yet candid feedback like this and in the main, I agree with your points. Do you also have oDesk profile or similar?

Vladyslav > actually i think a little more about this and decide that maybe I am not very right.

Kudos to Vladyslav for this, it takes strong character to reflect like this. What amazing software, developer and users! The future is very bright :)

> There is "Close & Save All Open Windows" button - shut down chrome using it. It will guarantee that everything will be saved. 

Yes, I'm using this approach at the moment, but then nothing starts up when I launch Chrome.

I want my  cake and I want to eat it!! :)

:) I am changing the way I work, but a compromise and options are nice!