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To add my thoughts here... I actually expected this behaviour by default, this is something that seemed natural to me, but as Vladyslav describes this might be difficult to achieve with current *acceptable* approaches?

Anyway, to clarify, if one was to close a saved window or tab via the browser, it be would awesome (where its possible within reason) for TO to hook those events and save to object being closed, as if clicking the green X.

+1 this concept, right now I'm happy without it but I can definitely see the use for the concept. I'm not sure if its been mentioned but perhaps a simple approach could be:

Where you have "Current Session" root node, make a new root node, e.g. "Tabs Outliner" and allow users to create new "session" node types?

+1 for this feature and +1 for regex support

I see this is planned, awesome... for the actual searching I'd love to see and suggest a similar approach to the Quick Tabs extension.

To summerise:

* When TO window is open and focused, starting to type starts to filter with regex support

Here is a 20s video of me using Quick Tabs:

Quick Tabs source code is on GitHub:

So far with my use of TO, I haven't found the need for this, because generally speaking a group name tells me the context of child tabs. Most sites use decent naming of their pages.

The only time I'd want to use this feature (that comes to mind now) is if a site had a horrible or blank title. The concept of persistant names is a nice thing but might be a lot of work for an under-used feature.

My opinion only, its a "nice to have", one for a rainy day when all other "awesome" features are coded and working well.