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Have you considered switching to TabFern ? For me it's a great substitute. Still a few glitches to address but at least the developer seems very active AND the project is open source ! 

Well I think that altough everything is possible, I think it would be quite a pity to have to rewrite everything when there is such a base to start from instead....


what is your take on the idea of open sourcing this project? (I will send him an email with this thread as well as I read he doesn't read this forum very often)

Open sourcing this project would be great so that we can take over Vladislav. Like James I'd be willing to allocate time to improve this extension. I don't think it's very honest for you to keep selling a premium version if you don't listen to premium users like myself and others who make suggestions but don't get any feedback since months ago. As a paying user I was like others disappointed by what I got for the price, ie. not much in my personal case.

Here is more info on a user case that might be useful to track this down. It actually creates a cloned 'window' entry too. 

So here is what I did:

1 : Here is my current TO state (Not visible here are multiple tree branches above and one window open with multiple tabs)

2: Hit Cmd-N to create a new chrome window

3 : Here is the resulting TO tree immediately after that :

As you can see instead of getting a new window with a single tab in it, I get two new windows (only one visible) with the first window getting two tabs (only one visible).

If at this point I try to delete (using garbage or cross) the extra tab it closes/deletes the two tabs. Same thing if I try to delete the extra window it closes/deletes both.

Very painful !

Same issue here.

And if one tries to delete one of the duplicated nodes from the tree, it also closes the original tab along with it...

This is hurting TO usage seriously. And I just turned a paying user too (although to be precise this problem started occuring for a while before becoming paying, so unrelated).

If I can help in any way debugging this I'd be glad to.

I just paid for the full version to support you the developer, AND I was also thinking (shouild have checked before!) that I was going to get multiple selection along with the paid features.... I'm disappointed... And now I see that this has been requested by users (including paying ones) for ages now... Would make a lot of manipulations a lot easier IMHO.
Ideally It would include shift-up/down support, shift click, and ctrl-click. 

Hope you get around to it one of these days :-)