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This is good! But it doesn't save notes.
It costs $9.80 - FULL LICENSE


Este é bom! Mas não salva notas.

Custa $9.80 - FULL LICENSE




Cluster - Window & Tab Manager

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Sync Tabs in the Cloud

Access your saved windows from all your devices. Start a project on one computer and pick up where you left off on another.



Saved Windows are Stored as Bookmark Folders
Finally, it's worth mentioning how Saved Windows and Tabs are stored. After saving a window, if you open the Chrome Bookmark Manager, you will see a structure something like this:

Every saved window is saved as a Bookmarks Folder under "Other Bookmarks/Tabli Saved Windows" with a folder name that is the name that you specified when saving the window. Within that folder every saved tab is stored as a bookmark. It's important to note that these are ordinary bookmarks and bookmark folders; there is no extra hidden state. While I don't recommend it, you may use the Bookmarks Editor to make changes, and these changes will be reflected the next time you start Chrome or force a reload of Tabli via the Extensions page.


Dear @Hikari,

There is as option for [Tab Session Manager]

This advanced a lot in terms of development, with numerous useful features.

There is the synchronization option through Google Drive.

Another giant problem to manage tabs is synchronization with Android.

Despite automatic synchronization of favorites and historical in Chrome, it is very difficult a decent management of sessions between the browser on the desktop and then on the Android.

I skirted this situation using me from the Dius browser.

I've been using for over 10 years, a great bookmark online.
In addition, accepts, in your Android browser, the use of bookmarklets, which in turn allows the use of, the best tool for [Annotate The Web, With Anyone, Anywhere ].


Há como opção o [Tab Session Manager]

Este avançou muito em termos de desenvolvimento, com inúmeras funcionalidades úteis.

Há a opção de sincronização por meio do GooGle Drive.

Outro problema gigante para se gerenciar tabs é a sincronização com o AndroID.

Apesar da sincronização automática de favoritos e históricos no ChroMe, é muito difícil um gerenciamento decente de sessões entre o navegador no DeskTop e depois no AndroID.

Eu contornei esta situação utilizando-me do navegador da DiiGo.

Eu utilizo há mais de 10 anos o, um ótimo bookMark onLine.
Além disto, o aceita, em seu navegador do AndroID, o uso de bookMarkLets, o qual por sua vez permite a utilização do, a melhor ferramenta para [Annotate the web, with anyone, anywhere].

01. Do not forget to retract the URLs node (WINDOW)

02. With the WINDOW retract, that is, the node retracted, move to where you want the window node
03. Press [TAB] to insert over the top window, or [SHIFT + TAB] to indent

By MadiVad

@Bob OnySko,

Use [Tab], or [Shift+Tab].