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Any update on this please, Vladyslav?

Look for an email titled "Your Tabs Outliner Paid Mode License Key" and click "Paid Mode License Key Activation Link".

Note that mine is from November 2015, so this may have changed since.

I thought I'd add this here as this is the first page that came up when I Googled.

Thank you very much for your detailed response! I'm glad to know the fix is made and on the horizon. I will make do until it reaches Chrome Stable.

The lag time is proportional to the distance dragged. It is only a few seconds to move the tab slightly, but from the bottom of the window to the top is about 10. Dragging it from the bottom of the window, out the side, then back in near the top is much faster - only a few seconds. Perhaps it has to do with displaying the new location in the tree whilst dragging.