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Thinking about it, he had never assumed he was abandoning the software, years ago when the issue was alrdy in course he said he was still working on it, implying that there's some newer unpublished version.

Instead of financial, maybe there was something else, maybe some health issue, maybe he got a fixed job and didn't know if it was gonna last or if he'd turn back to TO. I remember a post he was mad because of a Firefox addon inspired on TO, that was abandoned and he saw somebody accusing him of forcing that, what he didn't. So it seems he does care about TO and some unknown issue stopped him from continuing the work.

We don't know, it's been almost 2 years he doesn't post here and some more months since last published version. Maybe he was sick and didn't wanna disclose, maybe he died and this forum and the domain were paid for some years upfront.

Using Google to register license will be like Xbox Live for Windows, it won't work and nobody wants it. Everybody who wanna use Chromium is moving to other browsers.

Also, IDK if other browsers are able to connect to GDrive as it's done by TO. I think that, instead of using GDrive API, it should just have option to use a local path for its backup. Then we just point to GDrive/Dropbox/etc and will keep files synched.

Same here. So, did GDrive URL changed and the extension needs to be updated?

Looks like author is long gone and haven't even cared to bother helping us :( I guess he himself isn't using it anymore.

It's been 5 years :(

TO is a great software. I only use Chrome because of its licensing limitation.

If u're gonna leave it, please please make it open source so it doesn't die!

I suppose the paid edition was created... sadly it relies on Chrome proprietary licensing system, which no other Chromium based browser will ever support. This blocks TO in Chrome. I'd move to Vivaldi or other browser, if it wasn't for TO.

Now we have another issue to solve :/

I totally prefer to have my data on my computer. It's fundamental for privacy and also feels safer as I don't rely on an outside server.

It's also cheaper. For a cloud solution, you start with bills to pay and have to charge is for that.

I think the challenge is to implement on a browser changes made on another one.

After using TO for some weeks and having posted my experience, what I ended up doing is creating a window for each device I use and a Storage group where I move tabs I won't use ATM.

This group I can manually copy from a backup to the live TO. As it's never opened anywhere, there's not the issue of implementing its tabs on the browser.

The best solution I see is to more often save instance to backup. Then have a node type that can't be opened as a window, and that's flagged to be synched. It doesn't need to be the whole TO, it can be a node and its children.

Then keep looking on GDrive for changes, and update this node everytime a change comes.

+1 for adding support for other Chromium browsers like Opera and Vivaldi. I suppose TO uses some Google proprietary licensing feature and it'd have to be replaced for some lib that works on Chromium.

Don't be offended when ppl complain that TO is becoming abandonware. It just seems so when it's been months from last update and userecho has threads from years ago with features that were promised and yet not implemented.

Publishing some roadmap/schedule with working features and future updates will help make ppl confident. IDK how many ppl had bought the licence ad how many had installed the free edition, but I suppose that lack of updates and no public roadmap may scare some possible buyers.

I totally understand you friend. I'm also a software dev (engineer to be precise) and I see how hard it is to be an independent (indie) developer trying to live from licenses of softwares we build for love of our profession and of having our children being used by ppl we don't even know.

Some ppl (not referring to anybody on this thread, to make it clear) seem to think that software engineering is easy and engineers/developers can simply work thousands of hours and release their software for free.

I work on a company where my skills are wasted mostly building useless reports for managers that don't even know what they want. But they pay me for that, money I earn monthly for certain.

I wish I'd be working to develop relevant softwares used by thousands of ppl in the world. If I didn't have to worry about money, I'd sure be doing it, and releasing them as FOSS.

+1 to that. I'm also loving to organize tabs in a tree structure.

But I don't like the sidebar idea. Of course I have nothing against it, as long as TO can remain being used as a popup.

I have 4 big displays and it's more confortable to use as a separated window, in a desktop area different from where I place browser window. Sometimes it's also easier to bring browser back to front by DblCliking a tab than clicking on the browser on TaskBar.