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TO Extension for Opera Sidebar

CAVR 5 years ago updated by John Lockard 4 weeks ago 8
Now that Opera supports sidebar extensions (addons.opera.com/en/extensions/?tag=sidebar), it would be awesome to see a TO implementation for the browser taking advantage of that.
I will check it. It will be a good reason to start support Opera oficcialy.

Hi, I'm wondering if you've had a good chance to look at this.

I'm a paid TO user and I'm starting to look at using other browsers because of Chrome's excessive memory consumption. Opera looks good, and TO seems to work on it via its Chrome Extension. However, to activate the paid features, TO needs to read my Chrome profile, which of course doesn't exist on Opera.

Does Opera really use less memory for you?


I am running into the same issue as Sridhar.

I keep running into this issue:

"Warning: Permission to access Chrome Profile email address is not granted. To validate your license key and further configure online backup to your Google Drive account, Tabs Outliner needs access to your Chrome Profile identity and email. Please grant access."

Is there a way to do this in Opera? If not, is there any ETA on TO becoming available for Opera users / in the Opera add-ons store?


Any update on this?


Still waiting for official Opera support.


It's been 5 years :(

TO is a great software. I only use Chrome because of its licensing limitation.

If u're gonna leave it, please please make it open source so it doesn't die!


Same issue as those above.  Is there any way to get utilize the Chrome Profile in Opera?  Or, since it appears you haven't touched Tabs Outliner in more than a year and a half, maybe you could open the source, or disable licencing requirement for full features?