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Hi, I'm using TO for a long time and I use it in a daily basis.
I've found an alternate workaround -Thanks to EliiO for a deep and technical solution, but it was not easy enough for me- into TO with no other requirements.

This procedure is short, secure and simple, but manual:

1. Open TO Options and Backup tab.

2. Go to Export section

3. click on Export Tree To File button. TO downloads a convenient named file (tree-exported-[date].tree).

That's it. Continue to Recovery task.

4. Verify the file by clicking on the button Select file next to View Exported Tree. The OS -win 10 is the mine- opens a filtered list of *.tree files to select from. 

Just pick one; at this point data come back to life. The file is not only visible, but almost a full functional TO window -copy+paste, drag'n drop, expand|collapse nodes...-.

5. Proceed to pick a node to recover and Drag'n Drop it to the Main TO Window. 'Current Session' for entire file restore or any other branch node for any piece of data.

This one worked for me.

Hopefully, It'd work for you too

....YES, at this moment We've lost any automatic backing up.