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Clone View?

pc world 12 years ago updated by vladyslav volovyk 9 years ago 3

I guess I do not really understand what that "Clone View" is for...

From the tooltip it seems that it's just a Tabs Outliner window with auto-scrolling disabled. So, why not just a button or setting to turn auto-scrolling on and off?

Also, is the Clone View supposed to open in a usual Chrome window (at least that's the case for me)? If so, why?

By the way, thanks for your great work :)

Actually this is mentioned in the intro help. Yet I know that nobody read it of course... so will repeat:

Cloned views allow you do drag nodes between distant part of tree. I for example, have now more than 30000 nodes, it is simple impossible to drag something from middle of this tree to the end using only one view. Also very useful for work simultaneously with a different separate regions in the tree.

And yes Cloned View supposed to open in a usual Chrome window. This way it is possible to open some other tabs in a same window with a Tabs Outliner for example - sometimes useful. Some other rationalities exist for this...

By the way, Undo Scroll pressed in a clone view scroll it to the position of the original view.

Thanks for you thanks, hope you also help with stars in reviews ; )

PS will answer later for you other question, very tired. Or even better, i will not answer at all if you allow me so, as this forum is really not for some philosophical discussions, and several hours which i (and you) will waste on this is really have more good use, at list for me. I have discussions about opensource every 2 weeks, or something like this, and really tired of them and of personalities who start them. This is really time waste for everyone. There are different ideas and plans how to go but really, believe me, i am more than aware of all pro and cons of opensourcing.

Hi, Vladyslav, please can I disable synchronizing of node's expanding between "cloned view" trees?

Seems widely discussed here "unwanted scroling" to node of active page only, but with your 30000 nodes you might to know the similar behavior of "moving of view", caused by expanding of nodes laying above in the coupled TO window..

Arranging of "source and target" is sometime greately labourious, then I afraid if I could misunderstand to some setting in TO guide/help..

Under review

Well, need to say that I am very rarely collapse anything in the tree. The collapse feature in this program is mostly used as a step before deleting some hierarchy, with all the nodes inside, not to organize content. So, I never experience the issue you mention. But I, of course, see how this might be really a problem for some users. I will add this item to my internal to-do list though I cannot promise any release date for this, yet if this is something easy to implement I will do it.