The Outliner window no longer shows up

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Since earlier this week, the Tabs Outlier window no longer shows up. It is counting tabs, but clicking on the extension does not pop up the window, nor does the window auto-pop-up anymore at startup. Adding it to a new profile works fine but to the currrent active profile does nothing.

LE: Backed up all of the extension data from  the profile page, reinstalled, recopied all data, now it starts still but i have /none/ of my trees/tabs saved.


I had the same issue and always have my TO setup to open where it opened last.  When I open it on my 4k monitor and place the TO window and then move back to my laptop the TO window could not be placed at the location previously configured.  Turning off that configuration option, i.e. open in the same place let TO open correctly.  You can always re-enable the configuration as needed.

Thanks for saving my day! 

This had me fooled for a while since I'm travelling today without external monitors, and I had just upgraded Chrome to the latest version, so I thought it was because of the upgrade that the TO window was nowhere to be found...