Your comments

Dev (i am) is active and working on this. That's all i can tell meantime.

You already find this, but will list there the link for other users:

This is how to backup or move the TO database to other PC:

This method is of course only a temporal workaround till there will not be implemented better solution. Backup/syncing through Google Drive is planned.

Already done this, will be published in next release in a day or two.

You outline there many things that will obtain some additional solutions in future releases (at list i hope so). But meantime i will list some of the current workarounds.

Putting hundreds of "#" notes to prevent some tabs to gone is of course bad idea.  And not how they are expected to be used.

The best solution is simple to give it some more time, this problem will gone with time as you habits will change more : ), i have something similar myself...

But some other workarounds exist:

  • Alt - drag&drop hierarchy (drag&drop with Alt pressed) to create a saved copy of any hierarchy. Or just to create a saved copy of any tab or window.
  • If something is a usual starting point consider to use the standard Chrome bookmarks for this. That's actually what they invented for. Note that you can bookmark many tabs at once, and open all of them in one click (Ctrl-click, or middle click must be used). if they all contains in one bookmark folder.
  • Alternatively, if something is only a starting point and you don't want to restore a tab in place (in TO) you can do Shift-click (on the saved tab) to open duplicate in new window, and then Ctrl-click to open all next tabs in this newly created window. This way original hierarchy will not be affected.
  • If you unintentionally close some Chrome window or tab note that Chrome has built in "restore last closed tab\window" feature.

That's all of course not some ultimate solution for mention by you problems, but at list something.

And thank you for you thanks and feedback : )

> I will close the whole window, but will want to bring it back at a later date just as it was.  

Maybe you already know this, but just in case.

  1. Not need to collapse window before save-close - green cross pressed on window will save its tabs even if it is not collapsed. Of course if you want to save many window under some group then yes, need collapse first.
  2. You can Alt-drag&drop the window to some other place, or some hierarchy with windows and nodes inside - this will create a saved copy of this window and all the tabs
Of course all of this is not replace the feature you propose. It is planed, but cannot promise anything specific about the release date.

tabs can be pinned in this way already. A note will "pin" them this way as you describe. Mainly always it is anyway worth to note why the tab is there and not closed/delete forever.

But the idea to make this available for windows is interesting maybe... Yet not very consistent. We not always close windows with all the tabs, half the time we close it by closing the tabs inside, in course, to check them one last time.

Something similar is planned.

Cool to know that at list 2 users will find this feature useful. As i am already implement it (because i promise, yet i am regret about this my promise every single second i waste on it : )))), yet it is not released meantime to public. Release will be ready in a day or 2.