Your comments

You are most welcome.  

I read a few of the poor reviews, and some are really strange - just because the extension misses some specialised feature they want, they it give a poor rating.  As you say, perhaps they are having a bad day.  I imagine it must be extremely frustrating.  I would rate something down if it didn't do what it says it does or was unstable.

Having said that, I am keen on a solution for a 'permanent save' feature, as requested in:  Happy to wait though.

OK.  I bit the bullet and set up a Google+ account to leave some feedback.  The one starting...

                   I'd give this 6 stars if I could...

Thanks for this extension.  It rocks.

Is there a way to give you a rating without having to sign up with Google+?  I am not allowed to do this through my work account, and I am actually not that keen on joining.

But I want to give you a 5 rating.

Wow.  If only my wishes were always fulfilled so quickly.  ;-).  Thank you.  This is working well for me.

For what it is worth, I agree this conversation has some very useful tips and discussion.

1.  I didn't pick up on that.  Assumed collapsing was needed for windows as well as groups.

2.  Had forgotten about that.

Thanks for the information and for considering the suggestion.

Thank for the reply.

I have not used notes.

My thinking around being able to pin windows is based on how I currently use chrome and TO.  When researching something, I will have a window with all the relevant tabs inside it.  So each window covers a 'topic'.  I name that window in TO, and effectively use TO to manage that 'session'.  When going on to something else, I will close the whole window, but will want to bring it back at a later date just as it was.  

My suggestion is really just a quicker and safer way to ensure the window is not lost.  I understand this is effectively achieved by going to the TO window, collapsing the working window in the TO tree, and pressing the green cross.  My suggestion would allow the window 'session' to be saved by a single click (closing the window in chrome).  

The suggestion also heads TO towards being a bookmark replacement for me...