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Thanks for reporting this. i will fix Ctrl-Q and the Alt + Q must already be fixed in the version that is released yesterday - v1.4.127. These shortcuts is also possible to changes in the Chrome Settings \ Extensions \ configure commands.

"significantly increase your customer base. "

: ))))
Yeh, like for 5 additional users : ))))

Anyway, i plan to create a version which will not require chrome SignIn, At least for purchase....

Thanks for the clarification about email, that's was interesting. Well, you maybe already read that the requested email was not stored nor send outside of your PC,

As for the price discussion, will post there my response to some user who also suggest lowering the price to something like 2-3 EUR:
There is only a very small community of active users. If I charge them a pair of euros this will have no any effect and will not change anything at all. For who use this tool daily the price actually is not that important, it's not some toy from iOS store that you will buy, use one time, and then forget. You need to invest a lot (in terms of time and attention) to even start using this, the $15 after that is just nothing if the tool really becomes useful, and there are some users who just cannot browse anymore without it and use it daily, I am one of them. I plan to raise the price when there will be more features. And definitely I don't want that the users who see no any value in this tool to shape its future, so the adequate price also helps with prioritizing future developments and understanding what the core users of this tool really needs.

The whole level of discussion around software prices is just sad, people become accustomed to $1 prices and completely free tools, and just not realising that this disables a whole spectrum of interesting productivity tools and the great self-sustained work for developers who have interesting ideas. Especially in cases when the target group of users is very narrow and niche (but that does not mean that they do not need the solutions for own problems badly!). I myself have some awesome ideas of completely new productivity tools (for everyday use), but after understanding the situation I am unfortunately unlikely even start such work.

Though i am not saying you are wrong and maybe changes in price might have some effect, definitely not 5x... but... anyway, actually there is many strong advocates with real statistics that suggest that the optimal price is close to $30, like $29.95 close.... I asked some users who pay and they confirm that the price is not an issue for them in any way. Definitely $15 is slightly not affordable for users of the some less developed countries. Though even for them it's nothing unmanagable. Meantime I have a lot of other issues to play with, the payment process with dozen of consent screens is one of them.

Wondering why then just not open the shopping cart to see the price yourself? : )

Anyway, this is a general response, most of the users who ask just cannot open the page because of the SignIn issues. So I think it will be useful for who will read this thread.

And of course, all who previously donate or help with proofread eligible for free keys,I just sent emails for these very few who do, but sorry if I forget somebody. Please remind me for this by sending a request for key on support@tabsoutliner.com

Best Regards

The price is different depending on your country (because of different taxes and e-commerce operators commissions) it must be in a $15-$20 range.

But, sorry, if you cannot open the shopping cart page because you are not willing to be SignedIn to Chrome you will not be able to use the paid features. That is why I prefer not even allow to purchase the paid mode without validating this fact upfront (refunds is actually very costly).

I plan to address this problem later, maybe by creating a version which will not require Chrome Sign in. as really maybe I lost some money on this (though knowing how much work it requires I am not that sure). But need to note that for example Chrome Application is not possible even to install without being SignedIn to Chrome. Tthe future of this tool is definitely in this direction, we are actual will be forced to move in this direction, note that extensions are not even present now on the front pages of the Chrome Web Store.

Some important for Tabs Outliner future features and the needed Chrome APIs depend on the chrome SignIn infrastructure, not to mention that it makes many things just much simply from the developer point of view (read - I need to commit several hundreds of hours to make it usable for rare users who need to use it without being SignedIn).

I understand some users desire not being signed in, I myself if for true SignedIn in my main Chrome profile only shortly after the paid mode release (as I use the same version as everyone else, as my primary information database). But really, actually if you were not used Chrome SignIn before for anything important it just make things simple for you to actually start doing so. As, you can use for SignIn ANY email, it might be not your primary email but just some email that you will then utilize for many useful things, for example, to install others Chrome Applications and to work with Tabs Outliner. You can disable all synchronizations (passwords, bookmarks, autocompletes, anything), the result will be practically identical to not signed in chrome, so no remote access to your passwords and important services (actually it's possible even with primary email), except it, will be signed in and greatly simplify as your as my life : )

Best Regards


At least I hope that the restarts were because I updated the version, and not because of some other bug...


The restarts was because i update the version several times tomorrows (because of bugfixes).

The problem with incorrect links activation I spotted already and the fix will be deployed latter today. So prepare for some more restarts : )


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