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can you please provide a bit more specific instructions on how to adapt TO authorization for Opera? Or more specifically: how can I enable Google Drive backup in TO for Opera? I'll try to do it myself but my knowledge of JS is not that great.

If you don't want to answer here, you can email me directly:

I confirm, copy-paste now works.

I don't remember such problems before. Also I updated my Chrome not on the exact release date but some time after. And in my case (Win 10 x64) I only have copy-paste broken but drag and drop (thank God) works as usual.

Same here. Chrome 92.0.4515.107 on Win 10 x64.

Totally agreed, I'm a tabs hoarder too :) And it would be great to have an option to center view on an active tab, not just active window.

TO cloud backups are stored on Google Drive and I'm afraid the old ones beyond the number of "Keep last" in the Options are deleted. May be there is a global Google Drive backup, but I don't know if it possible for the users to get access to these backups. May be the author knows more, but as we see he doesn't answer at all. You may try to ask Google Drive Support or Community. But unfortunately it's almost no chance that deleted by an app backups can be restored.

You’re welcome. I'm using free version, so unfortunately don't know how to activate the modified version. But maybe it can accept your old activation if you try to activate it again, because the extension is all the same, it's just loaded locally.

Yes, for me it's the same, only individual links are clickable. Maybe this feature could be released in the future versions.

How was it...? Days of Future Past.

The only way to manipulate a backup group is to drag it from a backup to TO main window tree.

There's a temporary workaround so you can open your backups normally.

First you need to load a copy of Tabs Outliner extension locally in Developer Mode.

1. Disable the original Tabs Outliner extension in Chrome (chrome://extensions/).

2. Find the extension in the Extensions folder under Chrome's Application Data.

    On Windows it's here:

 C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\eggkanocgddhmamlbiijnphhppkpkmkl\

3. Copy that entire extension's folder (1.4.134_0) and paste it somewhere else.

4. Delete _metadata folder in your copy.

5. Replace original options-backup.js in \backup\ with this file.

    The only change is one parameter of viewTree function from "path"

    to "path.replace("", "")".

    See details here.

6. Enable Developer Mode on Chrome Extensions page (chrome://extensions/) and then "Load Unpacked" on the folder with your modified Tabs Outliner.

Then enable Google Drive backups in the Options, granting access to your Gmail account (like you did before).

Now the modified TO should download your previous backups from Google Drive and you will be able to open them.

Got it. You need to refresh a page with blank icon and then refresh Tabs Outliner window (F5).