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Select and move multiple nodes at once

Анонимный 8 лет назад обновлен mattnoah 2 недели назад 52

Currently you can only rearrange tabs and nodes one by one. E.g. when one wants to move 7 tabs from one node/window to another node/window you have to do that one by one. This is annoying. I would like to be able to do multiple selection with the SHIFT and CTRL keys ... that is standard behavior in many list manipulation tools.


Sync Tabs Tree

Muhamad Kurnia R 8 лет назад обновлен Brian Davis 4 дня назад 73


Is it possible to sync tabtree between computers?

There's one extension that write sessions (tabs) into bookmarks, so it will be sync'ed automatically.


Exiting Chrome normally causes (crashed) duplicates in the list?

Kyle Milnes 8 лет назад обновлен Jim0206 3 месяца назад 59

Please see the video at: http://youtu.be/hS_-aZeMZLk

Timestamp guide of the bug:

  • 0:14 I exit Chrome via the menu -> Exit option
  • 0:20 I launch Chrome
  • 0:42 You can see the 2 groups (that were open when I exited Chrome) have been duplicated? The old groups are marked as crashed?

My Chrome is set to "Continue where I left off" on start up

My Chrome version at the time of record was Windows: beta-m


Option to remove duplicates from the tree

Kevin P 7 лет назад обновлен Altair Evercroft 10 месяцев назад 25

I have over 3000 tabs in my tree, lots of duplicates - it would be great to have an option to remove Duplicates. I'm currently using Tab Dupectomy but reopening a bigger amount of tabs causes Chrome or TO to crash.


"delete" and "unload"| icons are too close, this is very error-prone without "undo"

Alexander Phoenix 8 лет назад обновлен badon 4 года назад 28

while we are confined to mouse for unloading, there is quite high chance to delete whatever you wanted to save.

It's even worse with how icons are jumping around sometimes based on mouse-overed item type

Please, resolve this by adding "undo" of some sort and/or making icons not so close together.

Or somehow else.

vladyslav.volovyk 8 лет назад

Non an issue as if the item have the unload icon then it is represent the open Chrome item (tab of window). If accidentally deleted such items can be always restored from Chrome by the "Recent closed windows/tabs list".

The undo is planed anyway, and other features which can help resolve this issue even further, like the tree aware history, but this issue, as it is formulated, is actually not very critical - exactly this case - items with unload and delete icons actually have the undo possibility. 

So meantime i just trash this bug.

UPDATE: Or better leave it there with an answer.


Ability to rename tabs, and have it remember its new name, even if the tab tries changing it.

vladyslav.volovyk 8 лет назад обновлен Ian D 2 года назад 23
vladyslav.volovyk 7 лет назад

Please vote on this idea if it is really needed by many -- it will be implemented. 

Yet before voting first consider that there is note functionality to add small, one line, comments to tab. And they have much better visibility than inline labels or custom titles. 

Also this will make pencil icon (in hovering menu) visible on every line, now it is present mostly only on windows nodes, and this make things a little less cluttered, and more easy to aim on window node for edit (so this is not something totally positive, and have own drawbacks and compromises, and this is why this feaure is absent by the way).

Also, for quick inline marks, there is plan to add possibility assign several custom icons to nodes (that will make this feature even more useless). 


Functionality to Collapse All Groups

Mossload 7 лет назад обновлен Edouard Lorenceau 7 месяцев назад 2

I can see there is a way to expand all groups, and then a way to undo the expansion.  However, I don't see any way to collapse all groups, which would be useful.


Request: Option to remove ALL crashed sessions (windows and tabs) in one click

jedd rashbrooke 8 лет назад обновлен Jean-François Beauchamp 5 месяцев назад 22

I'm using Tabs Outliner on both Chrome and Chromium on my KDE Debian GNU/Linux platform - and while it's really helping to quell my rampant tab addiction, I still have a few dozen windows with multiple tabs, during most sessions.

The problem is that both Chrome and Chromium appear to crash on shutdown more often than not - this may well be a KDE problem, perhaps just not giving enough time for the apps to sanely quit  - but I can't say for sure.  On startup all my Chrom* windows & tabs are restored automatically (no 'the app crashed on the last run - do you want to restore tabs?' option is given).

In either case, it's quite a pain to go back through the history of crashed sessions and collapse & delete them individually.

vladyslav.volovyk 8 лет назад

This is known problem and of course it is annoy me also. But the fix is not easy one, and currently the cloud backup is more important issue and needed more, so this will be in idle state for some time.

The only advise i can give you is that - simple don't use chrome restore. On Chrome restart open TO, ensure that all you windows is there and readily available to be restored if you want so, then say cancel to Chrome restore and restore everything from TO. This really works for me, but of course require some new habits and not so convenient, but this is also really reduce number of open windows. As most of the time after crash need restore max 2-3 tabs anyway, not all 300-400 that was open before the crash...

Yet of course this must be fixed and it will be fixed. As it is simple impossible to repeat this every day in emails : )) This is the problem the most new users report to me directly.


Keyboard shortcuts

Sean Monahan 7 лет назад обновлен Marc Weber 4 года назад 14

Wherever possible, I use keyboard shortcuts in lieu of the mouse. (E.g., to search for "Linux" on Wikipedia, I input: Ctrl-L -> "wiki" -> [tab] -> "Linux" -> [enter].) Keyboard shortcuts would be a tremendously useful addition to this powerful extension. (Unless, of course, they're already there -- I didn't see any mention in the quick intro section.)

vladyslav.volovyk 7 лет назад

This is NUMBER ONE task after i will finish the solution to sync the tree between PCs and to the Cloud.

Many other cool front end improvements awaiting my hands, but this is definitely must be done in a first order.


Ability to filter tabs (not just use built in search)

vittorio 8 лет назад обновлен vladyslav.volovyk 6 лет назад 7

Actually filtering tabs (instead of just searching for a keyword) is useful when you're trying to "clean up" a large session. 

Consider the case where you have a bunch of wikipedia tabs open, and you want to move them all into their own group. If you could filter for wikipedia and select multiple tabs (with ctrl/shift clicking, etc) then you could drag them all into their own group to quickly "clean up" your session and pull out the things that are important and close the things that aren't.

Also, if you implement your own filtering function (instead of relying on chrome's) it lets you implement more powerful filtering like logical AND, OR, NOT for filtering/search criteria.

vladyslav.volovyk 8 лет назад

This feature is for sure needed. It will appear along with support additional (independent) tree documents.

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