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Should TO remember if a tab was pinned?

Kyle Milnes 8 years ago updated by James Maheux 6 years ago 5

Per subject, as of writing, To doesn't restore tabs as pinned (if they were previously pinned).

vladyslav.volovyk 8 years ago

It is by design. When TO moves or restore pined tabs it unpin them. Restoring tabs as pinned have some far-reaching drawbacks, as they are moved by chrome to be the first tabs in the tab strip and have some other special behaviors  The best solution I found after long experiments, to numerous problems, is simple unpin tabs upon restore. Maybe need put this in option actually. Yet I am not sure it is so critical to do anything about this. If there was many votes for this I will add such option.

Personally i never use pined tabs so i even unsure how people are using them and in what practical scenarious.


Please open the source

Hikari 10 months ago updated 6 months ago 6

I know this isn't easy, but it shouldn't also be easy to see your child orphaned. It's been 2 years you don't publish any new public versions.

It seems now that GDrive had changed its URL or something, and viewing backups got broken. New changes will come that require fixes, and I fear some day TO will go inoperable.

That is summed to the years-old issue of the licensing tool, that only works on Chrome. You've been forcing us into Chrome for years. We wanna move to Vivaldi and Brave, but must remain on Chrome.

The sad fact is that browsers extensions isn't a profitable business. Few ppl buy extensions for browsers that are free. I'd pay a subscription, but even fewer would. And charging once for a lifetime license isn't sustainable.

A few months ago Sandboxie was made freeware, and its owner is promising to open its source. I had also bought its lifetime license and used its features for years, and now they are free for anybody, and we lost our support and will need to hope an open source community to rise and support it.

This is also sad and hard, but it's still better than have a software we love and use everyday, and which we bought, to die like that.

Don't let this happen. There's no other tabs manager nearly as good as yours. We bought it, we supported you. Many of us are willing to subscribe if that brings your hard work back. If you can't, or you think we're not numbered enough to bother, then just open the source so we can hope somebody else can take it.

See ClassicShell in example.


Share license across Google accounts

Grega 4 years ago updated by Luciano Commendatore 4 years ago 5

Hi! I'm using two Google accounts/profiles in my Chrome, one is for work and one is personal. I recently purchased Tabs Outliner but I was sad to discover that license was only applied to one of these two profiles. Is this intended? What can I do to use the license on both profiles?


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"Attach to Chrome" Option

Strix 7 years ago updated by Philip von Feilitzsch 4 years ago 3
I suggest that you add an "attach to Chrome" option. With it enabled, the menu of Tabs Outliner would be attached to the browser – such as in the Firefox extension "Tree Style Tabs" – instead of staying in a separate window or tab. As far as I know, yes, it's possible to add sidebars in Chrome – just search the web for "sidebar chrome".

Or simply add some kind of dropdown menu.
vladyslav.volovyk 7 years ago
Not a top priority, but yes, it will be cool to have such feature.

Worth to note that that this can even be done by separate extension. Which will create own, always attached to the Chrome side panel, or the native sidebar, if this is really possible, and then open Tabs Outliner main view in this panel - it's easily possible as the Tabs Outliner View is just the regular web page with an url, and so it can be opened in a regular tab or a frame (for example it is the way how cloned views created in regular tabs, by using the Clone button)

This extension will also be able also to serve other pages in such a sidebar - very cool idea.

If some web developer reading this - consider to implement such an extension. It will be utilized then by many other extensions.

Maybe it is even already created.... the idea is very cool, need to investigate.


Only some restored tabs are pinned

MZ Guy 7 years ago updated by yuuuuu 10 months ago 9
I have several windows that I save and restore with each time I restart Chrome. One of these windows has several pinned tabs. When restoring, TO seems to restore all the tabs as pinned, except for the first in the window / list. The first tab in the window gets restored unpinned.

TO extension For Brave

oxwood1 3 years ago updated by Thomas Summerall 6 months ago 8

I would love an extension for Brave, the chrome extension (with a lot of work) almost kind of works in brave already. I'm reasonably sure it wouldn't be hard to add support, there also seems to be no way to buy the pro version currently due to the lack of brave being tied to a google account. Love the Extension, keep up the good work :)

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TO Extension for Opera Sidebar

CAVR 6 years ago updated by Root-Core 8 months ago 10
Now that Opera supports sidebar extensions (addons.opera.com/en/extensions/?tag=sidebar), it would be awesome to see a TO implementation for the browser taking advantage of that.

Use license with multiple profiles?

Dustin Wehr 5 years ago updated by CodedToday 3 years ago 2

I like to use a separate profile for testing my code, so I can install any extensions without much consideration of security. Chrome doesn't let you sign in to the same account from two profiles on a single computer. Is there any way to do this?


where enter license key paid version

Bob Onysko 3 years ago updated by Brendan Weibrecht 3 weeks ago 3

I can't find where to enter my license key for the paid version.  Also, I am using Tabs Outliner on a laptop where the mother board had to be replaced.  Is there a requirement so that I can continue to use this great program without repaying the fee?


Ability to quickly save snapshot of session to persistent groups

vittorio 8 years ago updated by vladyslav.volovyk 8 years ago 2

I love the paradigm of TO that lets you maintain context, but keep tabs unloaded. An important part of maintaining context is being able to return to that context between browser/computer restarts. If TO had a button that let you "save to session" where a snapshot of the current session is saved to a persistent session/group.

Sessions could be named "[YYYY-mm-dd] - <optional user description>", and could be sortable by date or name. The issue I foresee coming up if it was possible to save sessions over a long period of time is that the sessions folder would get massive, so some sort of automatic grouping like:

+ recent

+ year

++ month

would make it much easier to keep long term sessions stored in TO.

It would also be nice to be able to move or copy tabs between sessions. This would let you do something like create project specific sessions (a "research" session for school/work project, a "blogs/news" session for random articles that you may have gotten interested in, etc) and if you need to focus on your work and not be distracted you can save your current session with all your "distraction" tabs, and switch over to your "work" session.

The above are only suggestions for possible implementations, an extension similar to TO which shall not be named ;) implements this feature using a dropdown list for different sessions.

To sum it up, the real feature request is "more robust session management" to be able to manipulate and store sessions long term.

Thanks for the awesome extension :)

vladyslav.volovyk 8 years ago

Actually planed, and this is something from top priorities. Yet will be implemented maybe slightly different, but will satisfy same use case.