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Vladyslav - Have you thought about open-sourcing this project?

backside9 5 years ago updated by G Lückz 3 months ago 7

Tabs Outliner has the potential to be the best browser tool that Google never built -- but you obviously don't have the time to maintain it -- why not open source the project? Many developers like myself would be interested to contribute bug fixes and improvements. It would make the tool much more powerful for users.

I understand that you would like to get paid for your work, but it seems you need a different business model than you currently have to keep up with technical issues like memory consumption, crashes, etc. Consider open sourcing this, and let the developer community help you!


TO extension For Brave

oxwood1 4 years ago updated by Aquinox 3 weeks ago 12

I would love an extension for Brave, the chrome extension (with a lot of work) almost kind of works in brave already. I'm reasonably sure it wouldn't be hard to add support, there also seems to be no way to buy the pro version currently due to the lack of brave being tied to a google account. Love the Extension, keep up the good work :)

Under review

Dock Tabs Outliner window to Chrome window

m1c 7 years ago updated by Stefan Adams 6 years ago 3
Hey there,
I'm missing the feature to dock the Tabs Outliner window to a Chrome window.
Under review

Preserving Tab History for each tab when saving, either auto or manually

Mayank Mehrotra 9 years ago updated by tabsoutdbes1 7 years ago 9
This feature is especially needed when Chrome crashes or one shuts down Chrome through the Windows Task Manager.

I'd like to be able to restore my tabs that I had open, but ensure that the tab history is intact when restored. I want to be able to go back in the history of a tab to check previously visited sites. This needs to be done especially when auto-saving a session, so that one can be rest assured that their browsing session remains completely intact even if Chrome crashes (and the "Restore Session" button does not come up).

vladyslav.volovyk 9 years ago

Unfortunately, this is a most common request, yet it cannot be done now because of the Chrome limitations. It's impossible meantime to restore back and forward history from extension. So there is no any extension in the Chrome Store that can do so.

The Chrome API's to support this are currently in development. I plan to take advantage of them as soon as they're complete.

To monitor its progress please stare there issues:



Please stare them anyway, this will help to raise their importance for a Chrome team.


can't restore backup, Google Drive error

Rainer 2 years ago updated by EliiO 2 years ago 33

As of this morning I can't restore backups. It seems to be an issue with Google Drive. When I try to restore the TO window is shown, but this error pops up:

Error: A network error occurred, and the download could not be completed. Check you Internet connection.

If I look at the URL it is trying to open and try to open the https://content.googleapis.com/drive/v2/files/..... part directly then I get: 403 Forbidden Your client does not have permission.

I'm hoping this is a transient Google Drive issue, but wondering if anyone knows more.


Firefox/Cross-Platform Support (Via WebExtensions)

Chance Snow 4 years ago updated by peanut 9 months ago 4

Please consider supporting Firefox in addition to Chrome. Firefox has near-parity with Chrome's extension API. (This might also let you support Edge at the same time.)


Very high memory usage in TO

Mayank Mehrotra 9 years ago updated by nnamerz 1 week ago 18
For some reason when Chrome first opens, TO is using somewhere around 250 MBs of memory. Is there a reason for this or does this have to do with the number of saved webpages (I do have a lot of saved pages, due to duplicates from crashing Chrome and restoring the pages through the "Restore" button)...?

vladyslav.volovyk 9 years ago

From version to version there is a progress in this regards actually. Next version will have even lower memory usage. But some limits just very hard to overcome. Take note that sometimes even the simplest web pages consume dozen of megabytes of ram in the Chrome. It is well famous for this feature : )

The 250 MB memory consumption can be real. If you have something around 15 000 saved nodes. Next version will reduce this, but not on a magnitude.

My advice for now, if you have many thousands nodes (note that other extension just cannot even come close to such counts of simultaneously visible nodes) and the ram consumption is a big issue for you - expand all nodes, save the tree as a plain text web page (through Ctrl-S). 

Check if this page is rendered ok (reopen it in some tab)

Then uninstall Tabs Outliner - this will delete all its data (WARNING!!! THIS WILL DELETE ALL ITS DATA!!! RE READ THIS). Then install it again and start your tree from scratch. This will return you ram usage to 10-15MB. 

Use your saved in html tree to access  for old data (you can drag from it back to main view some individual windows and groups by the way). 

Other solution - having most of the part of tree collapsed - if items is collapsed it is not rendered in HTML, and consume very little ram. But it is actually more useful to have your old tree as a separate web page.

There is some price that need to be paid for some features. If you have a lot of data visible on screen in HTML world this is unfortunately lead to a big memory usage. In fact - if you continue to grow your tree indefinitely the ram usage will continue to grows also, you can reach any digits that you want this way. So you need decide what is more important for you - the ram, or having all the data in one tree.

I am periodically (once in 6 months actually) drop the whole tree in a file and start from scratch. Soon there will be better way for a same - it will be possible to create separate tree documents. So all the data will continue to be searchable and editable (the tree in a static HTML file is not editable by drag and drop... but editable in any HTML editor by the way)



Please remove the call to window.requestFileSystem so that this addon can work in Firefox

Bzihrla Knafelc 4 years ago updated by Danila Sentyabov 4 years ago 2


I can't live without this addon, it is the only thing that works for management of a lot of tabs.

Unfortunately I can no longer use Chrome because it does not have delayed tab loading and it forces the user to load 1000 tabs at startup which can take hours and consume 15 gigabytes of memory. So I switched to Firefox Nightly (with the new Lazy Tabs virtualbrowser feature of Firefox 56) which can load 1000 tabs in 5 seconds total.

So I am trying to use Tabs Outliner in Firefox. (using Chrome Store Foxified addon)

The problem is that this addon gives an error, because the window.requestFileSystem API does not exist in Firefox WebExtensions.

Please remove this requestFileSystem functionality and use the indexdb instead, so that this extension can work on Firefox.

Thank you so much.


undo an event (such as sending a tab to trash or moving a tab)

Willian M. 7 years ago updated by Maorie Light 4 years ago 8
nice but not highly important, just an idea for a far future

How to fund Tabs Outliner's development?

tabsoutdbes1 8 years ago updated by Hikari 2 years ago 3
[I've created a new thread for this topic which began here: http://tabsoutliner.userecho.com/topic/132080-sync-tabs-tree/#comment-626646 ]

Hi Vladyslav,

I'm finally able to reply and can now spend some time thinking about how to generate money for your work on Tabs Outliner.

> There is also many similar tools in a same field

These tools only appear similar at first glance. Once you start using Tabs Outliner you realize that it is a very different tool.

> direct competitors, with near half a million users
> count, who will be more then happy to take the
> sources, and just publish them as updated version
> of their own tool.

The bottom line is that there needs to be a way to generate revenue regardless of whether Tabs Outliner stays proprietary or becomes Free Software.

Before contemplating other ways of generating revenue, let's start by investigating the potential of fundraising.

A fundraising campaign could, of course, fund software of either license type. Fundraising often has a goal. If the goal was to raise enough money to change the license to a Free Software license, and if you never made any more money off of Tabs Outliner after this fundraiser, how much money would need to be raised? Think of a number that would include allowing you to do Tabs Outliner development for one additional year (that way we could at least get some bugs cleaned-up).

And there's no correct answer to that question. There would likely be multiple reasons you might pick say $10,000 as the number, and multiple reasons you might pick $50,000 as the number. You might also decide that there is no maximum amount you would be willing to accept in return for changing the license.

The point is simply to start our investigation of possibilities by explicitly detailing as many of the knowns as possible.

BTW, in case it's not obvious, if the license was a Free Software license, when the day arrives that you are no longer able to spend time developing Tabs Outliner the user community would be able to find someone else to continue this work.

-- david