Select and move multiple nodes at once

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Currently you can only rearrange tabs and nodes one by one. E.g. when one wants to move 7 tabs from one node/window to another node/window you have to do that one by one. This is annoying. I would like to be able to do multiple selection with the SHIFT and CTRL keys ... that is standard behavior in many list manipulation tools.


That's my wish also.
Till this is not done please take note that you actually can do multiple selection of tabs in the Chrome. On the original tabs bar. And then move them simultaneously to another Chrome window.


"multiple selection of tabs in the Chrome" is a very poor workaround for the lack of multiple selection in Tab Outliner:

1. When navigating from inside Chrome, if the page titles are too long to properly id (usually the case esp. when the tabs are shrunk due to many tabs open which would usually be the case for users of Tab Outliner), you have to first single-select the page to confirm whether you want to multi-select it.

2. When navigating from inside Tab Outliner, if the page isn't already open, you have to first double-click it in Tab Outliner to open it and suffer the opening time, bandwidth and memory usage.


By the way, do you have Tree Style Tab option enabled?
It is greatly reduce the need for multiselect.
In old builds it was disabled by default - now it is recommended to be enabled - highly recomend.


Just wanted to +1 this feature request. This will be especially useful if/when a filtering functionality is implemented to mass group/move tabs related to a particular site or topic (ie. wikipedia pages, research on a particular problem, etc).

Thanks again :)

Definitely planed. I hope will manage to release this and many other small but important improvements this summer.

Erm, any updates on this? I just started using this extension and am LOVING it, but it's so painful not being able to multi-select.
I am using this already for more then a year and actually never feel the need for multiselect.

Might you share your use cases?

Do you know that it is possible to multiselect tabs in the Chrome Tab Strip?

That's all not to say that i will not plan to implement this feature, i am actually plan to do so. As many people ask.

But it is really very interesting why some people find this so painful, yet i myself, being a pro user of this tool, and using it every day for many times, with hundred of open tabs, never actually feel an urge for such a feature.

Through i often use tabs multiselect in original Chrome Tab Strip (to move them in set) and often consolidate items before delete using Drag & Drop technique that is described in one of the videos in Help section.

Just interesting.
Can you describe what exactly are you doing when it is feels so painful?
Sure, the usecase is as followed. In Tabs Outliner it is much more convenient to select a lot of tabs and reorg them, than doing that in chrome with different windows etc.

Also, if you can do that with one tabs, its just logic that you can do it with mutliple ones.

Fi. you want different tabs reorg in a new window or group in Tabs Outliner ...

BTW: Your created an awesome tool. The best out there!

Multiple select is very useful when there are really a lot of tabs to rearrange.

To select these tabs in the Chrome Tab Strip is not a very useful tip, because in the case of a great number of tabs the labels on the tabs disappear. Actually this is the reason why I was looking for a tab organizer.


My use case for this feature is selecting all the "Window (Crashed)" tabs and deleting them at once, instead of having to individually collapse and delete each one. (I'd also accept an option to have it not create the "Crashed" entries to start with, but that, too, seems to be stalled.

Hey developer.  Great app, really fantastic... I mean it.  

To add to this conversation, I would VERY MUCH benefit from a "Shift-click" option to select multiple nodes.  Here's my use-case.

I downloaded your extension when I currently had something like 40-50 windows.  The first thing I did was to create a group for them all as "Tabs Pre-December" (I was also thinking about calling it "Personal" so that I could have one working-session for both my personal and work computers... for that, my goal is to periodically and constantly sync the file under "chrome-extension_eggkanocgddhmamlbiijnphhppkpkmkl_0.indexeddb.leveldb" on both systems to maintain parity between machines).  To get all of the existing nodes into "Tabs Pre-December", I had to drag them in there one-by-one... which had an extra-tedious step because I also had to collapse each node in order to make the tree small enough to not take forever to drag them up (some windows had over 300 tabs when I downloaded your extension, yikes!).

With a very tall tree, dragging items one-at-a-time alllllll the way to the top was very time consuming.  To save time, I even created a new group about midway down which I dragged lower-nodes into, and then merged that group with the parent group when it was finished.  It was just a pain in the ass.

Now, you may have your own judgement about why I had so many tabs existing (it's a long story, but I promise you that was the easiest way to capture the information I was trying to preserve at the time), but in either case... my situation was what it was, and I therefore was massively inconvenienced by not being able to multi-select.

I know your entire UI is custom designed, and frankly it IS very impressive with a great guide included, but I found your answer of "Well, I never use that feature so it must not be a good request" to be fairly dense and shallow-minded.  Clearly there are people with that same request, if your comment has 11 downvotes, so if you're looking to improve your product, why not start there?


I may suggest to stress that your system will SAVE all windows simply on the condition that the NODE or a parent GROUP has a note attached to it.  There IS mention somewhere in either the guide or one of your youtube videos, that a node with a note will not become deleted unless you manually do so, but I think this was very much under-stated, and I know there will be people like me who have purchased your product for the solitary need of SAVING their work (and furthermore, saving their work across machines).  Your extension was by FAR the best design, most flexibility, and greatest "ease of use", so I'm using it over the other competitors which I did not like NEARLY as much.  HOWEVER it is very much an understatement that your product works well as a "backup" system, for saving tabs and windows.  I think where it IS mentioned, you say something like "Well, sure... the system CAN be used to save tabs and windows, the process is just a little different".  I would definitely re-word this, as it seemingly "downplays" the ease of which your product does do this task (it makes it sound like a sub-feature which may not work very effectively/be very easy... when in fact, it DOES work very well).  

I would also (in your guide) word it differently so that you say very flatly

"The software will save any window as long as the node or PARENT NODE/GROUP has a note attached.  The most convenient way of doing this is putting every window you would like to save into a group, and giving that group a note (does this also work if you give the group a "custom name"? because I would probably prefer that, and don't care much for notes).  In doing this, you can save multiple windows with multiple tabs all as one "session", and have that "backed up" in the navigation tree, while you have a "temporary set" of windows open for your current session, keeping memory low.  If any of these new windows are ones you wish to save, you can do the same process of giving this NEW window a note (or changing the name of the parent group... again, if that works), or you can simply drag this node into your other grouping for "long-term" storage.  Enjoy!"


The guide on how to back up the tabs in the extension's application data (found here: https://groups.google.com/g/tabs-outliner-support-group/c/eKubL9Iw230/m/wQXOP1m90NoJ?pli=1) was, I suppose... out-of-date.  Whatever the reason, my path on my Windows 7 was not the same as the one which was described. 
I may recommend in that FAQ, telling users to "Search for the filename 'chrome-extension_eggkanocgddhmamlbiijnphhppkpkmkl_0.indexeddb.leveldb' if you are unable to find it under the folder path I have described"

I was wrong that the path was incorrect... my folder VIEW options just were switched by accident to be hiding some of the folders within that path, so I couldn't find it the first time.  Your instructions are valid!  Still think adding that "Search" tip is valuable.

The classic use case is when one tries to sort out a window full of tabs into subgroups. Quite usually, clusters of about 5-10 tabs would be connected but they wouldn't be hierarchically related in a tree and can't be easily moved out except one by one. Sure, one could use Chrome itself to do this but:

1) With many tabs on the titlebar, it's next to impossible to know which tab is what, while this is readily obvious in TO

2) Moving them out in Chrome creates Windows and not Groups (personally I prefer Groups, as they are less prone to accidental closing and sometimes even Chrome can't bring recently closed windows back due to bugs, while TO doesn't save closed windows)

3) Don't know if TO is supported on Mac, but Chrome on Mac does not allow multiple tab selection (which is incredibly stupid, but that's another story)
Thank you for detailed description.

I definitely plan to add multiselect, even without any other reasons it just feels unfinished without it and really can benefit the program in many ways. 

But time-frame for this feature is somewhat blurred. Maybe i come to this only at spring or even summer - just too many other things that need to be done and have higher priority, it's not a one week to finish feature unfortunately.

Can you elaborate on why Groups are less prone to accidental closing? For that matter, is group functionality identical to that of a named window, but with a different icon? I always forget the differences, how nesting in a tree changes their default behaviors, etc. Is there any info or guidance somewhere? Thanks.
Yes, I made some tests and it seems that I'm wrong about this - for all purposes apart from the icon difference a Group seems to be equivalent to a named window. I thought before even named windows disappeared when you close them but maybe I was wrong. So this argument doesn't hold that much. Regardless, I'd rather use the TO tree to regroup tab clusters, rather than the Chrome toolbar. After all TO is supposed to visually replace the toolbar, according to Vladyslav's own workflow suggestions in the introduction videos (I think).
Yes, group is a complete equivalent to a named window. Except it is created as not active window - which is very handy in many cases.

Windows do not disappear on close in next cases:
  • They have custom title
  • Or they have a note somewhere inside (or other node that is not a open tab)
  • Or, if they placed above the root level, inside some other node.
TO, at least for me, is not replace anything (except maybe a windows taskbar to select Chrome windows). It's a very useful thing on its own, and i very often use the original Chrome tabs strip directly - to switch in one click, to move tabs between windows, to multiselect tabs.

Inside TO i very often add notes and tags to things (tags meantime is just a text, like this - #project-x #to-read #to-learn #must-read #to-print ..., without even auto-complete or anything, but i hope i implement a full support for this soon)

see, THIS is the information which I would add to your "HOW TO USE" section on the Tabs Outliner window...

This is basically essential information which I figured out on my own, but was not necessarily described in your guide (again, it is mentioned somewhere... either in the guide or on your youtube videos, that "Giving a node a NOTE will make it permanent", but the fact of RENAMING the node... and the fact that the same rule applies to PARENT structures, is not mentioned anywhere).  I deduced on my own that parent windows/groups would follow the same rule and apply them to any items contained within them, but it's still useful to state in your guide for technologically-illiterate people, and people who have PRECIOUS data they don't want to lose in their tabs, and just want to BE SURE your system will do this while using the extension for the first time (and not knowing how to "test it out" first, like I was able to do).

Well done on the extension, best one I found in managing tabs.
Would love the multi-select option though, since it's inefficient to organize taps currently.
I don't use TO really often but I sometimes find it really handy. Thing is, as I use it ever so often as once or twice a month, the closed windows/crashed windows keep staking and when I come back to TO and see this I really think it lacks the multiple-select feature. Because I'd click on the last one, holding (for example) the Shift key, then I'd click on the first one, and just press Delete and all of this ridiculous windows stack would be gone.
Also, using delete as a shortcut to, well, delete a window would be cool.

absolutely agree... I find it bizarre that the dev doesn't think this feature is useful... although I think he's simply biasing towards such a perspective because his extension is 100% custom designed and it would be an undertaking to make this feature work (so therefore he's avoiding it).  However, I wouldn't be surprised if there are "slow-to-adapt" users like me who are finding his extension for the first time just now, and see it as a potential hindrance which might be serious enough to consider using an alternate extension instead, and wouldn't buy his product.  There's just no telling how much lost revenue he's missing out on just from this one elementary feature.  The fact that these comments are generally 8 years old is irrelevant... Chrome is still the primary browser in the market.


I've been checking out your extension from time to time. And I still find it unusable for my purposes.

i would really consider paying for this feature!

Yes. the multiple select feature is available from the default chrome bar. But it's really mind boggling to have to switch focus from the tree to the Top Tab bar repeatedly.

It's crucial to be able to organise multiple entries in the tree fast. Closing them, putting them into a new folder etc.

These are the things that are pretty basic coming from Sidewise / Tree style tab; 90% core operations we use on a daily basis and I'm finding it broken on tab outliner.

I see that you added the tree structure link hierachy. Frankly that is something I can live without. But lack of multiple select is seriously a deal breaker.

That said, I really appreciate your effort in catering to this niche market. I know we tab addicts can be really demanding. :)

I would switch to TO full time and consider paying if multiple select was added. I just spent fifteen minutes cleaning up saved restore sessions.


I just discovered TO and am using it on a Mac. Yes, you can open a whole TO window and then select multiple tabs in Chrome and create a new window, splitting the original set.

At first I didn't think I was multi-selecting in Chrome because the selection is a very slight color change, but it worked as it's supposed to. And then the two windows were split inside of TO.

But it would be much more convenient to do all my work inside TO instead of having to move to an entirely different usage paradigm for a simple task, especially when my recognition of the need for the task takes place inside TO. That, I think, is the primary UI argument for it, to have the function performed in the same place that you recognize the need. Otherwise you have complex mapping to do in your head.

For example: Inside TO I see that a window has these Amazon tabs, these email tabs, and these Facebook tabs. I'm looking right at them. But I can't just grab the whole set that I recognize and move it. I have to move them one at a time, either stacking them up in a hierarchy that I then need to unravel or moving them all one by one into a new Group. Or I open the whole window into Chrome and then have to do the complex mapping from the entries inside TO to the tabs in another part of the screen.

Sure it can be done, but it's not intuitive. Just like the one at a time moving, it requires a large number of re-identify, re-aim, re-select operations that slows my actions and my thoughts down. I end up concentrating on the minutia of a step-by-step task that ought to be fast and easy because my works that way thanks to doing exactly that kind of thing in so many other contexts.

You suggested you would work on this "this Summer" three years ago, and again two years ago. Either this is harder than you expected or there are other tasks getting in your way. Perhaps your user community could help with either this feature or the other tasks. You have the best product in this area and I'm sure there would be people who would be honored to help. (For example, maybe a local user could babysit for you, if kids are the obstacle.) My experience is that people are happy to help out if good comes out of it.

Thanks for all the hard work and for a great product.


I've been using all sorts of tab extensions in various browsers for years and find this extension particularly useful.

The multiple select functionality is an obvious hole, which I partially fill by using Search Plus and tabjuggler.

I agree with what others have said that it would be great to use standard multiple-select techniques to organise the tabs.


+1, I paid for premium pretty much for this feature alone! Each time user presses a key in Tab outliner, a "please buy premium" pops up, so I was under impression Shift + click would work to select multiple times, and was very disappointed to learn that it does not work even after payment.

For those who also struggling: you can select multiple tabs IN CHROME itself by Shift+clicking on them, makes it somewhat easier to regroup them after a search frenzy.


Please please please add this feature. If I have already saved a bunch of tabs, it is inefficient to have to reopen all of those tabs into a window then open another window where i'd like those tabs to be in TO, then select all of the tabs and drag them to the other window, then save all of those tabs again. it would be so much more efficient if I could select all of the tabs in TO that I'd like to move, ctrl+x to cut them, and then ctrl+v to paste them in the location where i'd like them to be in TO.

Would definitely appreciate this feature as well. The manual workaround is very cumbersome and error-prone.

(Premium User Here)
+1 to everything that's been said here. I would very much like this feature. I think it's the one grand thing that's holding Tabs Outliner back. @PeterM had this exactly right. Why should I reopen tabs to organize them. Also the Tabs Outliner organizer shows all the tabs in a hierarchical way, with their full names. Cut and paste would also be amazing.


Thanks for the great APP. As a paid user, I would rather to see this feature too. Multiselect numerous academic paper tabs in chrome itself by not seeing their full title is a pain.



Adding the ability to select multiple tabs with Shift and Ctrl will help enormously using tab-outliner to manage tabs between windows and grouping stuff according to my workflow.

Good to see this eventually marked as planned, thanks a lot!


I also would really like to have the multi-select feature enabled. I paid for this program today in the hopes it was in the paid version. No such luck. To sort over 2,000 links (I know this large number is sort of my fault...) will take a very very long time. This program unfortunately will make new groups over and over again if a crash occurs. I had a malware in Chrome so this happened a lot! I now have have ended up will many copies of most links in my tree and to organize and repair this without multi-select is a major major pain. Using the Chrome window is a very poor temporary fix. You need to see what you are doing, and the tree is perfect for this.
I'm curious, If people have been asking for this feature for four years now, and it is a standard feature in Chrome and in Windows (and Mac's), why has this feature not been activated? Other than these two flaws, I find this program to be the best plugin around to deal with tabs. Please add the multi select to this program. It will greatly enhance the usability of the program (as well as save my fingers...lol). Thank You.


This request has been labeled "Planned" for 4 years and is one of the most highly requested features judging from the votes here.

The lack of multi-select is a big reason that I haven't paid for it yet despite its many other features.

Can you give an estimate on when this might be addressed?

Is it very complicated to enable (Shift) or (CTL) + (Click) multi-select?


:) I paid before realizing I can't do that and now that I realize this looks more like a pipe dream, I wonder if i have better alternatives...


I am signed up for this thread and it's always a fresh reminder of how sad it is not to have this feature.

This is the brotherhood of "Never to be completed features". I salute you all.


2017 - still very sad, that this feature is missing.

A planned feature for 5 years? I wonder if that feature is implemented and only available in the paid Pro version?


No the pro version still doesn't have this feature.


I just started using TO this week, and just realized I need this feature. Amusing to see the comment history: started five years ago, and the most recent posts were... today! wait what?

Is there a work around for changing the hierarchical level? You can multi-select tabs in chrome, but dragging them out creates a new group. Dragging them into another window puts them on the same level as the tab in that window. I don't see any way to make a group of tabs subordinate to another tab.

I'm using Linkclump to open multiple links simultaneously. Problem is that they don't register as children to the parent tab. Instead TO places them on the same level as the parent.

Great tool anyways! Thanks!


Please make this visible in the extension reviews in Chrome store. Rate it and write a review https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tabs-outliner/eggkanocgddhmamlbiijnphhppkpkmkl/reviews?hl=en

@cosmin, I upvoted your review.


To implement the 'multiple select' feature can't be so time consuming that there is no reaction over the last 3 years anymore to this wish.

So helpful this extension is so annoying is it that this feature wish is totally ignored. If it would be at least implemented in the pro version I would pay for it. But it seems that the programmer does not support this extension any more. What a pitty


I've just purchased paid version. I would like this feature. Upvote!!


I just paid for the full version to support you the developer, AND I was also thinking (shouild have checked before!) that I was going to get multiple selection along with the paid features.... I'm disappointed... And now I see that this has been requested by users (including paying ones) for ages now... Would make a lot of manipulations a lot easier IMHO.
Ideally It would include shift-up/down support, shift click, and ctrl-click. 

Hope you get around to it one of these days :-)

May be there is a source code somewhere that we could use to fix that ourselves? 


I paid for this app because I love it. After two years, I find I don't use/need any of the paid features; there is only one feature I consistently wish I had: closing multiple select tabs under one saved but closed window. My cleanup process now for unwanted saved tabs within a window tree is click drag, click drag, click drag, click drag, click drag, close. Just barely easier than clicking the trash can on one at a time for each window. Tedious. 2018 right around the bend, it is time.


It is seriously time to start thinking about an alternative. I am so grateful to Volovyk for making this extension but it's looking like we need something else due to his inactivity.

If there are some developers here. I would be interested in putting together an open source project for hierarchical tab grouping and suspending.

Or if you're listening Volovyk, I would be happy to add this functionality to your extension, for free, if you can give me access to the source code. I'll sign a NDA or whatever is required.


Open sourcing this project would be great so that we can take over Vladislav. Like James I'd be willing to allocate time to improve this extension. I don't think it's very honest for you to keep selling a premium version if you don't listen to premium users like myself and others who make suggestions but don't get any feedback since months ago. As a paying user I was like others disappointed by what I got for the price, ie. not much in my personal case.


Erik Robertson how hard do you think it would be to build app like that from ground up as open source? I have some C++/Python experience I would be happy to chip in!

Ok who ever interested in doing open source project like tabs drop me an mail dariusz at dariuszmakowksi com.

Well I think that altough everything is possible, I think it would be quite a pity to have to rewrite everything when there is such a base to start from instead....


what is your take on the idea of open sourcing this project? (I will send him an email with this thread as well as I read he doesn't read this forum very often)

Erik Robertson O did a quick check. We can use one of open source tree libraries for  Java and then its just using that & building around that. Will sit to it over next few weeks and mock something up.


I WOULD LOVE for this to be open sourced! I am a 2x paid member since 2015 (4 years as at the time of writing) and have been so mostly because I wanted the keyboard and extra backup features. I assumed a multiselect would be a part of it, but it's not. I check back every now and then, but since it hasn't been happening, it has led me to testing other options. 

Unfortunately, I always come back to TO but it is so perfect (barring a few quirks that annoy me), it's almost exactly the tool that I want. 

Multi-select is a must purely and simply because:

* when you are organising your tabs (something TO is a fantastic tool for), you are doing it from your tabs outliner popup, not from the chrome browser that contains your tabs, so multi selecting tabs in the actually tab containing window is not the best choice.

* you can't easily identify which TABS (plural) you want to select (this is why I specifically you use tab outliner, because you can't see the tab names and if you have enough tabs open, you can't even see the icon! So which tab do you select for the first one, and which one for the last one? It is too convoluted, you need to select the first one and make a mental notation, "about the 4th one after that bookmark!" and then bring up the last tab, make the same notation and hopefully get the click right. This method ONLY supports neighbouring tabs

* when I browse I am often researching a few different things and continually get sidetracked. So it's not uncommon for tabs to be: 3 on topic A, 4x topic B, 2 Topic C, 3 more on A, 6 on D, 2 on C and so on. Trying to organise a mess like that is painful. YEs, I know it would be easier if I did something better from the outset, but sometimes you don't even know you are going down a rabbit hole until you have been through and investigated 4 new trains of thoughts you want to follow up! Because you can't read the tab names in the main window, organising these in TO is by far the best way to go, and every now and then I forget and shift-click and open that tab in a new window! DOH! LOL

* (the reason I came here today), when it comes time to making a set of tabs under another tab (so you can move it as a group), the only way I have found that possible within TO is to go to the last tab, CTRL+right, Up, CTRL+right, Up, (rince and repeat) and then flatten when you get to the second to last node (ie keeping it under the top node). Now if you are trying to do that to TAB that AREN'T consecutive, then it's even more cumbersome with: CTRL(UP +UP +UP + RIGHT) then Down, down, down, down, down, CTRL( UP, Up, Up.... RIGHT), LEFT, +/- (close the tree there) + DOWNx Y presses, CTRL(UPx Y presses, right)... etc etc.... It's unwieldy. 

But if you could shift and ctrl click the tabs.... that would be sweetness!!! 

* click the first tab, shift click the last tab, ctlr click a few more tabs and drag them all to the correct destination. 

If he no longer wants to actively develop features wanted by the community, it would be a huge bonus to the community if he did open source it, and it would be an extra special bonus if he stayed on as lead developer and still have a final say in push/pulls!! But I'm sure there are dozens of users out there who would be able to contribute in some way, even if they can't code. Improve documentation (not a great need there), triage and track new issues, review/curate suggestions etc. I'm not an experienced coder, but I understand code and would be more than willing to help document the source files (typical jack of all trades and master of none, I understand what I read, but don't have the necessary skills to put it together),. but even I would want to try and help out where I could. 

so #1, I would love to see multi-select, but #2, I would especially love for the community to be able to contribute to this AWESOME plugin! I don't for a moment regret having paid for it. Yes, it frustrates me every now and then, but I LOVE TO!!!! :D


I love necrobumping this thread.

I just want VIM style editing of my tabs but can't stand writing JavaScript. So I'll just keep bitching on this thread.



I would pay 2x-4x the price if this feature was in tabs outliner. We need shift multi select and ctrl select! My github is Natedude and I would be into the open sourcing of this project and I might be able to help if I find the time. 

Multi-Select, Open Source, and Extensions

I've done technical tutorials and API doc for nearly 40 years and I would be very happy to contribute to both the user doc and the open source developer doc.

Would it be practical (I know it's theoretically possible) to expose some kind of API so that others could write add-on extensions to Tabs Outliner? Could JavaScript in Chrome be used to create a multi-select function?

I agree with James Hounshell above and his comment about VIM-style editing. The more I can edit the TO tree as if it is a descriptive text file, the happier I am. And VIM allows creating multiple-action commands mapped to single or short sequences of keystrokes. Being able to extend TO would be HUGE.

Right now, my TO tree is an archive and journal of my research, study, exploration, and play going back to March 2016 and it has 27925 lines in it. I would love to be able to break it up into large chunks of topics, especially older topics, but the lack of a multiple-select tool is an obstacle.

idk if tabsoutliner is open source and/or editable/modable but please if someone (whether it be the official developer or literally anyone) can put together some multiselect add-on or mod i and so many other people would be so grateful... i'd give money to whoever could do this in a heartbeat, just please someone do it already i cant code and if this feature isnt usable soon i am going to lose my mind


Ok wow. EIGHT years planned for now? I thought for sure this was a paid only feature, only reason I paid. This issue is an embarrassment to this addon and its developer.

I agree that the project got frozen in time, but I am glad to have such an awesome tool, it is very handy and there's nothing even close to it. Tabfern is total crap by the way. I don't regret to have paid for the premium version. I am happy that the extension still exists and is still active. It takes a lot of work to make such an handy tool, I understand that. I just hope the developer keeps the extension active for the next following years, In the future I intent to develop something similar with more functions and smarter, fixing some issues with very big trees (my tree currently has 35895/3/71 tabs), I would like to improve the way trees are exposed by relevance, make it integrated to other apps such as Microsoft Onenote for Windows and integrating it to a external c++ application that can make tabs easier to be organized, sorted, indexed and backed up, as well as allowing users to develop their own apps with an user friendly API. But that's a project for when I have plenty of spare time.. But I appreciate the community feedback on those ideas. Are they relevant? which ideas are most relevant? is onenote a tool that you use everyday? 


Hi Vlad, hope you are well! Just curious, are you still developing TO? It's the most useful Chrome extension I have used. I was considering to buy it but multiple item selection is really needed. Thanks


Hello vladyslav.volovyk, I would be willing to pay up to $100 or something like $4/month to have this addon actively developed. I am sure plenty others would too. I suggest that you calculate the possible income from such a thing. Please consider it. Probably the most promising extension ever developed for web browsing since the birth of web browsers. Abandoned. What a shame. 

If anyone were to develop a similar extension (and some have), please make the interaction instant, like tabs outliner. It is crucial that the tabs are saved as links/html bookmarks and not suspended tabs. It is also imperative that tabs do not take lots of vertical space. These are lines of text, for crying out loud. We don't need these big spacious cards stuck in under each one. Being able to see 50 or 60 tabs in a list without vertical spacing has a drastic effect on the possibilities in browsing. 

And of course, ideally, with the ability to select multiple tabs at once.

I have tried the current alternatives to tabsoutliner, and none of them come close to delivering like it does. 

I ended up ditching Chrome and switched to Firefox, because currently all the available Chrome tree-style tab managers are sucky. on Firefox I'm using Tree Style Tabs and it's basically a much better experience as you can configure it using CSS. Even if you don't know CSS like me, there are snippets and all you have to change is a number and coerce it to look how you want by trial and error.

I had high hopes that Tabs Outliner for Chrome would continue to evolve and improve, but that has not been the case for a long time so I had to look for an alternative. Overall, after tweaking Firefox to my liking, I'm actually finding it to be much more powerful than Chrome. A couple of things work better in Chrome but I can easily live without those. Being able to manage large numbers of tabs efficiently really saves a lot of time, and Tree Style Tabs is 100% free so you get the "full experience" and no ads or BS.

Have you considered switching to TabFern ? For me it's a great substitute. Still a few glitches to address but at least the developer seems very active AND the project is open source !