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What I didn't do is provide my email address after clicking "buy". I didn't want to provide my email address before assessing the purchase price. I thought you were referring to the Chrome sign in via browser interface.

I'm any case, thanks for the info. My gut feeling is that you'll have more revenue with a slightly lower price. I think if you price closer to what people are accustomed to with smartphone apps, say $8, you'll get 5x as many buyers. That's just my opinion though, and not a criticism.

Thanks for the price info. I am not sure why you wrote so much about signing into Chrome though. I'm always signed into Chrome with my email address, and didn't mention anything about it in my question....

Any update on this functionality? I see it has been planned for a long time; perhaps it was implemented and I missed it? Without an undo feature, I've run into the following problems:
  1. Despite the ability to recover natively with Chrome / history, this takes too long if you accidentally close a window with TO. Google will restore a window at a time, but without the hierarchy and any customization originally in TO.
  2. I've occasionally dropped a node somewhere in a collapsed hierarchy without knowing which one. This takes time to locate / undo. Sometimes I've even accidentally dragged a node while rushing around, in which case I don't even know what I've moved, and don't know what to search for.
I'm sure there are other scenarios. Can you provide an update on whether an undo feature might be coming soon?
Undo would be helpful in other ways too. I've accidentally dropped pages somewhere in a collapsed hierarchy, for example. 
With Tabs Outliner, hierarchy is important. I think it would be best if the extension didn't indiscriminately remove duplicates. Better would be to highlight them in the tree and allow the user to remove the preferred ones. 
Note, I am using TO to save / restore, not the "restore on start" session manager in Chrome
I'm very sure that's what I have it set to. The same window is always restored, even though many windows are open when I close Chrome.
Please no! Horizontal screen space is already limited. We don't need yet another left-side vertical element. I think removing the transparency would be just fine. I see no disadvantages, as I really wouldn't miss seeing 10% less of the entire tree.