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When restoring now, new windows often open, and the original saved window remains closed. Other times, both show as open in the tree, even though Chrome shows only one. New tabs in that window do not get added to the original saved window in the Tabs Outliner tree, so any modifications won't stay.

The extension is rather crippled in this state. Any ideas to bring it back to functionality?

Not an option for me, since this seems to require Paid Mode. I didn't pay due to apparent lack of support and updates.

Could you please clarify how you backed up your tree and copied it back? Is it seamless, or are some details lost?

Here is a sample where I restored a saved window. It had two tabs. They were duplicated by Tabs Outliner on restore. If I try to close the duplicates with the spinning "loading" circles, the original tabs are closed too.

Re-opening existing saved groups / windows also causes duplicates to appear in the Tabs Outliner tree. I have "Continue where you left off" in Chrome DISABLED, and always have.

Me too. It happened a few weeks ago, and disabling / re-enabling Tabs Outliner fixed it for a while. Now that fix isn't working. Help!

I think this is too accident-prone. It would be too easy to aim a little off and close a tab that's intended to be opened. Since some use single-click mode, that would make such accidents even more likely. Since form data and other things are lost on close, this isn't harmless.

A possibly relevant issue, or bug....

When I use TO with my Chromebook, every new session generates another TO window in the tree. If I don't close them, they accumulate. I don't have this issue on my PC.


See here for the same issue as reported before. Hopefully we'll get an update on this since it has been a while.