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I need simple, basic instructions

Sally Albright 7 aastat tagasi uuendaja pseula 7 aastat tagasi 1

There was a popup when I first installed the extension, but I can find any option to view it again. In fact, I can't find any options at all. I lost all my saved tabs from one tab because I closed that window thinking they would stay in the sidebar, but they didn't. The videos are unhelpful, just a lot of clicking but they don't tell you what they are doing, just a lot of clicking around. Where can I read about how this works?


Why if I close Chrome and reopen... all tabs that were open (regardless of where they are in the "notes" tree), open in a single window with completely flat heirarchy?

Mark Breitenbach 10 aastat tagasi uuendaja vladyslav volovyk 10 aastat tagasi 8

Thank you for this extension. It is definitely a long way towards what I want to see in organizing my browsing. I appreciate your effort.

Desired behavior:

Lately I've been using my tab tree to replace bookmarks. Since you can "hide" tabs, I have a few parts of the tree that I use all the time (say, for example "Work", "Admin" and "Research"), and everything else is collapsed down to top level.

Also, I don't use multiple windows. One window, all active tabs inside it. If I could hide the tab bar completely, I would. As such, I can't use what you call "Groups" to organize my tabs, since a "Group" is really a window. Instead, I'm using Notes. My heirarchy of notes is several layers deep, with all actual tabs being inside those notes.

If I understand your documentation correctly, anything inside a note should maintain a saved state, no matter what kind of crash or closing of Chrome occurs.

So why, then... if I close Chrome and reopen... all tabs that were open (regardless of where they are in the "notes" tree), open in a single window with completely flat heirarchy? The "notes window" is still there, with all tabs parked. I want it to open within the existing notes tree, with only the tabs I had open active again instead of creating a totally new window with completely flat heirarchy.

Finally, please don't respond with "well, I don't use it that way, so neither should you". If you expect people to donate to this, you have to realize that people are going to do things, try things and very likely break things in ways you didn't think of, and wouldn't ever do yourself. If you don't want to support your users... I'll go back to Sidewise.


Maintain own ordering of tabs not related to Chrome ordering, which in turn maybe will be affected by MoveTabsToTheEnd extension to show them in order of open in tabs bar but in form of tree in TabsOutliner

vladyslav volovyk 11 aastat tagasi uuendaja August Mohr 8 aastat tagasi 1

Not actually like this idea but post it because i promise to one user - if it will be highly upvoted it will be considered.


Fuck, what is up with this shitty forum anyway

Heiko5597 11 aastat tagasi uuendaja vladyslav volovyk 11 aastat tagasi 7

I had actually have to use the IE!!! on a forum for an chrome extention, because it won't let me log in in anyway or change password or so ON CHROME,  just because its all FUCKED UP javascript.


Since i lost the edited text anyway (was stored in the clipboard, and I had to use that to copy paste the password token link to the fucked IE) go and read it in the chrome store build in one. This is the 1st and last time I ever used this forum... and your extension just went down another star, which leaves one.