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Last used order

Fuzzy Adam Konner 7 years ago 0
This is an excellent extension!

I would like my windows to be listed in the order they were last used. Maybe that could be a user setting.

Thank you!

Save nodes *always* option/mode?

aprobe 8 years ago updated by vladyslav.volovyk 8 years ago 3

ATM, nodes are removed from the tree, when closing windows with the Chrome's default close button, *when all the nodes in a "Window" node are opened* (and they don't "have any special or marked nodes inside the hierarchy", "custom title", etc.).
(If only some are opened, they are automatically stored when closing the window in the same way).

IMHO, the default state of this option should save the nodes always, because now I could still imagine someone (mainly newbies) having all the sub-nodes in a "Window" node opened (again, without "any special or marked nodes inside the hierarchy", "custom title", etc.) and loosing them after closing the window with chrome's close button, especially after the comments in the store that now the ""bug" is fixed" and the nodes are auto-saved, when the window is closed the "default" way.


Save-button next to the delete-button in TO

Roger.L 7 years ago updated by vladyslav.volovyk 7 years ago 2

I would like a save-button for tabs. Right now, the only option to really secure a tab, is to make a subnode such as a note, a separator or similar.

I want to be able to close my tabs in both TO and chrome, but still have them saved.

This way you could actually press that save-button on those tabs that you don't want to lose without clogging up your layout in TO.


Tabs Outliner vs. Bookmarks

Sirt 8 years ago updated by vladyslav.volovyk 8 years ago 9

A brief evaluation of Tabs Outliner vs. Bookmarks


Change Tabs Title in Tabs Outliner

Spencer Hall 7 years ago updated by vladyslav.volovyk 7 years ago 0

It would be really nice to be able to override individual tabs title. A lot of website put keywords at the beginning of the <TITLE> tag, for example; 

"Product One, Feature One, Product Two, Product Three | Company Name"

What is important to me in this example is the Company Name, none of the other text that is automatically listed in TO is worth anything and only clutters up the tab tree.

vladyslav.volovyk 7 years ago

This will actually be possible in next major version. It's not released meantime. And will be released as separate project with a notice in the original Tabs Outliner. In a month i hope.


backup and restore setup

tjbinno 8 years ago updated by solution 1 year ago 9

Looking for a way to backup (and restore) my TO setup.  Just had to uninstall and restore Chrome and realized I had lost all my work.  So looking for a way to  backup and restore my new setup

vladyslav.volovyk 8 years ago

Please see there instructions of how to transfer your database:


Also worth note that there is really easy way to backup and transfer your data:

Just expand all nodes, save the view through Ctrl-S and you will be able to drag hierarchies from this file to some other Tabs Outliner instance, or just use this file on its own. 


Opening all tabs in a window

Andy Doan 5 years ago updated by vladyslav.volovyk 5 years ago 3

When a subset of tabs in a saved window is open, it is currently not possible to open the rest of the tabs saved in the same window. There should be an option to open all tabs in a window regardless of the currently open tabs (if any).

vladyslav.volovyk 5 years ago

I often just save the whole window and imeddeately restore it again in such cases.


collapse expand shortcut +/- not working (windows 10, newest chrome, paid version)

Šimon Demočko 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 1

Hi, just purchased upgrade.

Some of the shortcuts are not working. Some I don't mind, I would probably not use them. However collapse expand with +/- do not work neither and I would really like to use that. 

Other extensions should not be able to tinker with the behavior of other extensions as far as I know. What else could blocking the functionality?



I need simple, basic instructions

Sally Albright 4 years ago updated by pseula 4 years ago 1

There was a popup when I first installed the extension, but I can find any option to view it again. In fact, I can't find any options at all. I lost all my saved tabs from one tab because I closed that window thinking they would stay in the sidebar, but they didn't. The videos are unhelpful, just a lot of clicking but they don't tell you what they are doing, just a lot of clicking around. Where can I read about how this works?


Why if I close Chrome and reopen... all tabs that were open (regardless of where they are in the "notes" tree), open in a single window with completely flat heirarchy?

Mark Breitenbach 8 years ago updated by vladyslav.volovyk 8 years ago 8

Thank you for this extension. It is definitely a long way towards what I want to see in organizing my browsing. I appreciate your effort.

Desired behavior:

Lately I've been using my tab tree to replace bookmarks. Since you can "hide" tabs, I have a few parts of the tree that I use all the time (say, for example "Work", "Admin" and "Research"), and everything else is collapsed down to top level.

Also, I don't use multiple windows. One window, all active tabs inside it. If I could hide the tab bar completely, I would. As such, I can't use what you call "Groups" to organize my tabs, since a "Group" is really a window. Instead, I'm using Notes. My heirarchy of notes is several layers deep, with all actual tabs being inside those notes.

If I understand your documentation correctly, anything inside a note should maintain a saved state, no matter what kind of crash or closing of Chrome occurs.

So why, then... if I close Chrome and reopen... all tabs that were open (regardless of where they are in the "notes" tree), open in a single window with completely flat heirarchy? The "notes window" is still there, with all tabs parked. I want it to open within the existing notes tree, with only the tabs I had open active again instead of creating a totally new window with completely flat heirarchy.

Finally, please don't respond with "well, I don't use it that way, so neither should you". If you expect people to donate to this, you have to realize that people are going to do things, try things and very likely break things in ways you didn't think of, and wouldn't ever do yourself. If you don't want to support your users... I'll go back to Sidewise.