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Dragging from trash/save should cancel trash/save instead of dragging node

Peter Eliot hace 9 años actualizado por vladyslav volovyk hace 9 años 0
When you press (but don't release) on the trash/save buttons, but want to cancel, you can't cancel by moving the mouse outside the button; instead, it drags the node around. This is contrary to typical UI design where dragging off a pressed-but-not-released button cancels clicking the button, and causing no other effects.

Ideal behavior would be that dragging can only be initiated from click-dragging the node, but not when click-dragging from a trash/save button.

The same should apply to expand/collapse.

Hitting Esc should also cancel any unfinished operation. This works for dragging, but not for clicking buttons.

Simple vs Expert mode

Daniel Pettet hace 9 años actualizado por vladyslav volovyk hace 9 años 1
This app is promising but my first run experience was pretty bad. I got eye strain trying to work my way through the help info and struggled a little to understand all the new concepts and terminology. I consider myself a pro user (full stack web dev) so this is a worry.

I suggest you cut down on concepts and features to a bare minimum. What is required to make your app work? Call this simple mode. Add an option to enable expert (or experimental) mode where the other 50 options are available (see Chrome preferences as an example). This should also reduce your getting-started/help text drastically.

Another similar approach is to do what Apple does. Expert customisations and features exist but you have to be somewhat an expert to find out how to enable them. Therefore, there are really good default settings and the people who have niche setups can still enable them if they really need them. This should also reduce your support because experts generally understand expert features better.

I suggest you make 'groups/trays', separators, cloning and scrolling functions either way easier to use and understand or take them out of the default UI. You can also simply remind the user a few days after use that there are more features to discover so that you can still promote these cool concepts. It's all about making the first experience more enjoyable!

I think you are onto a good thing! I was about to make my own plugin before I found yours so I am very grateful for your efforts and time spent!

Untitled Window in Ubuntu 12.10

Christian Webb hace 10 años actualizado hace 10 años 4

The "Tab Outliner" window is named "Untitled" in Ubuntu 12.10.

No es un bug

Google Search not in TO

MZ Guy hace 10 años actualizado por vladyslav volovyk hace 10 años 1

I am now looking at a Google search tab that isn't appearing in TO. I've scanned, looked at the location it should appear in, and even searched for the keywords in the TO window. I opened several windows as children from this search page, and they appear just fine, but they appear as children to the search window's parent.

I haven't seen this behavior before.

I don't know if this is related to the phantom tab bug I posted about a while back - a bug I still experience regularly.

vladyslav volovyk hace 10 años

Most likely it is the same problem. Close a duplicate for now


Close tab and add to TO

Xorth hace 10 años actualizado por vladyslav volovyk hace 10 años 1

Is there any quick way to close a tab from chrome but add it to TO for later?  

vladyslav volovyk hace 10 años
Currently not.

But it's planed and next version will have several different ways to do so.

Crashing in Linux

MikeD hace 10 años actualizado hace 10 años 3


First, I think TO is fantastic. I use it on Windows with no problem, but when I run it in Chromium on Linux it crashes every few minutes. 

I'm curious to know where to start troubleshooting this. Is there a log somewhere or can I collect a stack trace? I'd be happy to run anything if it would help to isolate the problem. 



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Make small-window mode

Kyle Lippincott (spectral) hace 9 años actualizado por vladyslav volovyk hace 9 años 2
I just discovered the extension, loving it so far.

The hover-toolbar in the bottom left is a huge pain, though. My TO window is very narrow, and sometimes not very tall, either.  Having an option to make these buttons 1: always visible, and 2: much smaller, would help me a great deal.  Alternatively, a single button to make the control panel visible/invisible would also work.
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can't move tabs in list or between windows

cristobal vio hace 8 años actualizado por vladyslav volovyk hace 8 años 2
Chrome Version: 39.0.2171.95 (64-bit)
OS: Linux: 3.17.6-1-ARCH

When I click a node in the list and drag it somewhere within the node tree I don't see the nodes beneath highlighted nor the blue lines linking the nodes that normally appear. When I release the node in some place of the tree (eg. another window), nothing happens.

I'd say that it's not that I'm not doing it in the proper way, because in the laptop I use gentoo in, I can see how it works (and it's wonderful).

Any help would be appreciated.
And thanks for this great extension.
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Is there a TO app for android phones? I would love to install it on a LG G4.

Javier Elizondo hace 8 años actualizado por vladyslav volovyk hace 8 años 1
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Dragging open tab into saved window shouldn't resize open tab

Peter Eliot hace 9 años actualizado por vladyslav volovyk hace 9 años 0
So this could be argued to be correct behavior, but I think it's less useful this way.

There is an option, "Restore saved windows in the original position and size." If you have this enabled, and you create a new window, then drag it into another SAVED window (with no tabs currently opened), it will resize the dragged window to whatever the size of the saved window was.

I think it would make much more sense if dragging an open window into a saved window would instead simply change the stored size of the saved window. This means that when you reorganize the Outliner with just a single window really open, it doesn't surprise you by resizing your (only) window.

My suggested fix would be to, when dragging something (the "Tab") in Outliner, detect if the window being dropped onto (the "Target") is currently open, or completely saved and closed. If the Target is completely saved and closed, and the Tab is open/visible, then overwrite the saved size in the Target with the size of the Tab. Visually, the Tab's window probably shouldn't close+reopen like it does now, but simply stay as-is.